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Derek Simmonds, Part 3
Familiar Faces
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Chapter: Two
Number: 203
Planned by: Leckie
Written by: Leckie
Edited by: Laughingdevilboy
Airdate: July 7, 2009
Previous Chapter: Derek Simmonds, Part 2
Next Chapter: Pam Marshall, Part 1

The Story

April 21, 2007 11:34 am

“Hello? Is that Claude Rains?” Derek whispered down the phone.

“Who is this? How did you get this number?!” Claude shouted down his phone.

“Never mind that, I understand you help people with abilities to control them,” said Derek, “am I right?”

“Yes, and you are?” replied Claude. “So I assume you are calling because you need help with your ability?”

“Yes, can you help me?" he started, but before he could finish he heard a voice he never thought he would hear.

“Well, well, well,” said Lloyd Parker. “I found you.”

“Oh no,” said Derek

“Oh, yes,” Lloyd grinned nastily.

Derek started to run. As he ran he heard a voice and realised that his phone was still connected to Claude’s.

“Hello?! Are you still there?!” Claude was shouting down the phone.

“Yes,” replied Derek who was very out of breath by this point.

“Where and when do want to meet me?” asked Claude.

“How about tomorrow at 3:30pm?” Derek replied.

“Sounds good, but where?” Claude said.

“You choose! But hurry I really need to go!” Derek frantically yelled down the phone.

“Meet at the Tower of London then, see you there tomorrow,” said Claude.

“Thank you! Bye,” Derek responded, he clicked his phone off and as he did he ran into Lloyd.

“Going somewhere?” Lloyd didn’t look pleased; he still had burn marks on his face, which now looked quite grotesque.

“Yes,” said Derek, “anywhere where you aren’t!” But Derek still hadn't gained control of his ability since his last meeting with Lloyd and his partner John. He was defenseless but he noticed a metal bar and grabbed it.

"What you going to do with that? Hit me?" laughed Lloyd, as Derek swung the bar at him. But his reflexes were too good and he grabbed to bar in mid-flight. Lloyd laughed as he pulled out a taser. "Time to go back to where you belong." But what Lloyd hadn't expected was Derek could produce small amounts of electricity and sent them down the bar and straight into Lloyd who screamed.

"You can't use your ability," he rambled, "after I shot you."

Derek didn't even reply; he just ran. He ran down yet more alleyways with Lloyd following, but a man stepped out in front of him blocking his way past.

"Ah, John it's about time," smiled Lloyd, but the smile was soon wiped of his face when his partner fell to the floor unconscious.

"Leave my son alone," said Patrick as he sent a beam of red light at Lloyd which covered him and made him convulse and spasm and fall to the floor unconscious.

"Now run Derek!" screamed Patrick. Derek didn't need telling twice as he ran away from the scene.

Why now? Why did he help me now? Was that really my father? Derek's head was filled with different thoughts; his eyes started welling up as he thought of all those years without him. He has an ability too? It looked like mine, so maybe I did get something out of him.

April 22 2009, 3 pm

“Oh no! Oh no, oh no oh no!”

Derek was not pleased, he had just looked at his phone and realised he had to meet Claude in half an hour.

Derek had spent the night at a youth hostel as he hadn’t been able to find anywhere else to stay.

Suddenly he saw his old teacher, Mr. Clayton, across the road about to get into his car.

“Sir!” he shouted, with no response, “SIR!”

This time he heard and turned around to see Derek running up to him.

“Derek?!” said Mr. Clayton incredulously. “Oh my god! We’ve been looking for you for years!”

“Sir, I need you help,” said Derek.

“What sort of help?” asked Mr. Clayton.

“I need a lift to the Tower of London,” said Derek, “Please! If you do this I would be SO grateful!”

“OK, but only because you were always my favourite student,” Mr. Clayton replied.

45 minutes later

“Thank you, Sir,” Derek was saying as he stepped out of the car. “Thank you so much.”

“It’s fine Derek, but please, for me, stay out of trouble,” said Mr. Clayton.

Derek got out of the car and started to walk. After 15 minutes he heard people talking.

"Where's Derek Simmonds? He was supposed to meet us here half an hour ago," whispered Gabriel Bishop.

"I was just wondering that, I'm starting to get nervous. It could be a Company trap," replied Irony.

"Don't worry about it," said Claude, "the Company doesn't operate in this way; if they wanted to trap us they'd burst in all guns blazing. Not in public, it's never in public and you can't get more public than the tower of London."

Derek walked over to them and asked nervously, “Excuse me, are you Claude?”

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