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Margaret Hall
CH margaret hall.jpg
First appearance Karl Hall, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability Plant Manipulation
Home London, England
Occupation Retired
Significant other Charlie Hall
Children Stuart Hall (deceased),
Becky Green (deceased)
Grandchildren Karl Hall,
Jane Green
Other relatives Leanne Hall (daughter-in-law, deceased)

Margaret Hall is Karl Hall's paternal grandmother who has the ability of plant manipulation.

Character History

Karl Hall, Part 1

Karl visits Charlie and Margaret, and asks for Charlie to write in his journal. They spend a bit of time talking, and Margaret offers to make carrot soup for Karl. She harvests several carrots for Karl to make the soup.

Karl Hall, Part 2

Celebrating Karl's birthday, Margaret and the Hall family come under attack from Company agents. Becky Green casts an illusion, which protects the children from the incident as Charlie and Margaret deal with the attack. Knowing they are not safe, the family leave for to the park.

When playing at the park with her family, Jane correctly predicts that Karl will fall of the monkey bars. Margaret is impressed and speaks to her about her ability. Jane then alerts them to the danger of the attacking agents. As many of her family members are shot, Margaret, Karl, and Jane are teleported away by Charlie. No sooner do the arrive when Charlie is tasered; Margaret uses her ability to take the children to the countryside where she states they will wait for Charlie to return.

L Origins edit
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