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Kill or Be Killed
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Volume: Two
Number: 211
Planned by: Irony
Written by: Laughingdevilboy,
Edited by: Radicell
Airdate: September 18, 2009
Previous Episode: Room 410
Next Episode: The Die Is Cast

The Story

The Underground Bunker

"Sarah, go with them and stop those drugs entering London," Eric said to his daughter.

"Okay, but what about you?"

"I will stay here with Emmett and Eddy and make sure no one finds the bunker."

5:30pm, the Docks

"They should be here by now!" exclaimed a worried Irony.

"They will be here," reassured Elizabeth.

"Do you have a plan?" asked Leckie.

"No," replied Irony, "I just can't think of what we may find inside."

"Danger," said the mysterious woman who had appeared out of nowhere. "You are a strong leader, you will know what to do when the time comes."

"How did you...? Who are you?" asked Leckie.

"Ah, you must be Leckie, I see that you have been rescued," replied the woman. "I am Jane, I came to help you in the planning process."

"How?" wondered Leckie.

"I have visions of the future," replied Jane, "I receive my visions and I act on them; recently I have been helping people who deserve it, who use their abilities to help or keep them a secret. But those who mistreat their abilities, well I dispose of them, they would give the government ammunition to bring this public."

"So are you working with REBEL?" Leckie asked.

"Have you friends told you nothing?" laughed Jane. "Yes I help him, as does your friend Abigail. But I have never met him, we have only communicated through my mobile."

Irony wasn't listening, he was distracted wondering where Frederick, Kate, Derek, and Tyler were. Elizabeth had noticed, but since she had been trying to reassure him for the past 15 minutes, she knew she couldn't help him.

"Your friends will be here shortly," Jane smiled and her eyes turned from a dark purple back to normal. Soon, the four of them arrived and greeted the group.

"Where have you been?" asked Leckie.

"There was a slight hiccup," replied Derek.

"It is time," Jane said as she walked off, "remember you will know what to do when the time comes."

Elizabeth, Leckie, Irony, Tyler, Kate, Frederick, John and Sarah looked at each other, wondering how they would get past the gate.


"Can you move as sand?" asked Irony.

"No," replied Elizabeth.

"I know," smiled Irony, "go into the container and Sarah can go to the side of the gate where there are no guards and put you in the dock. Then John, you can move faster than us and heal quicker you can try and smash a hole in the side."

"Alright," said John. But no sooner than the words came out of his mouth, a shot was heard from the guard tower. John was hit in the neck.

Irony cursed. "They can see us! Everybody hide!" As more shots were fired, everyone ducked into the scenery, leaving John out in the open.

He gave a final shout. "I'm sorry, guys..."

The shots stopped. Kate whispered to Irony, "we can still use him. My ability works on the dead, remember? The only thing is, I can't make him use his ability."

"Well, you said that the dead you control can withstand attack and can't die until you want them to, so make John walk up to the gate as a distraction."

"No problem," said Kate, Sarah and Elizabeth in unison.

Irony then realised something that could be a problem. "Tyler, I need you to knock out all the electricity and cameras."

"But I will be affected," reminded Derek.

"Well," started Irony with a smile on his face, "I have already worked that out, Elizabeth will turn you into sand, then re foam you when Tyler is finished."

"Okay," replied Derek and Tyler.

"Now, Leckie and Frederick, you two go round the other side to Sarah and Elizabeth. Frederick, you weaken the fence and then Leckie, you use your ability to knock the weakened fence out."

"Okay," replied Leckie and Frederick.

"And when you have finished, send a signal, then we will all meet you around there. Everybody fight the guards in any way you can," Irony finished. "And when we all get in to the dock we will start making our way towards the ship where the drugs are."

"Okay," replied everyone.

"Right, let's do this," said Irony.

Elizabeth touched Derek's shoulder and turned him into sand as Kate made John start to walk towards the gate. Tyler then sent out an electromagnetic pulse knocking out all the electricity in the compound; at the dock, even the back up generators were down. Elizabeth then turned Derek back to normal, but he was unconscious. While this was happening, John had made it at the gate and was furiously trying to break down the gate while the guards were shooting at him. Leckie and Frederick had gone to one side of the compound. Elizabeth then turned into sand and fell into the container, Sarah then took Elizabeth the opposite side to where Leckie and Frederick were.

Frederick then started burning the fence in a circular pattern, while Leckie waited until it was weakened. Sarah had made it to the other side and poured Elizabeth into the compound. A guard appeared in front of Leckie and Frederick and started to fire bullets at them; Leckie sent out a seismic burst, sending the guard flying backwards and hitting into a wall knocking him out. Frederick had weakened the fence enough and Leckie sent out another seismic burst knocking the weakened fence out. Frederick then sent a ball of fire into the air above them.

Sarah started to move to the other side of the compound where the ball of fire could be seen, but was shot by a guard, Elizabeth, seeing this, ran towards the guard and grabbed him, turning him instantly into sand. Sarah then got up and ran to the other side of the compound.

The Cockney Heroes slithered around the dock, performing their various tasks. With the fences down and several guards decimated, they all ran towards the giant fireball in the sky, the signal that Frederick had sent.

As Sarah ran towards the fireball, with Elizabeth behind her, they heard a noise to their left. Some sort of metallic clatter, and a woman's voice. Elizabeth grabbed Sarah and pulled her behind a pillar. She then peeked outwards and saw the woman and another man, both dressed in black leather, walking stealthily towards the fireball, obviously with an agenda of their own. Elizabeth vaguely recognized the woman, and swore under her breath.

As Irony and Tyler ran towards the fireball from the other end of the compound, they encountered more guards. Irony diminished their life force, but the squad of guards fired at them with guns. Irony and Tyler had no choice but to surrender. A man wearing a grey combat suit stepped forward, seemingly the leader of the squad.

"This isn't a game, Irony." He flipped open his combat goggles, revealing dark and merciless eyes. Irony noticed that the man's arm was held in a sling. "Bonkin..."

"You should never have meddled, Irony. Not even at the beginning. With Jack the Ripper, you were lucky. Not so much this time." He forced the gun onto Irony's forehead.

"Are you still working with Consuela, Bonkin? We were the ones who sent you to the hospital after she shot you!"

"No," he said, pointing at the men behind him, "these are my men. The guards from the prison, remember them? None of them quite enjoyed working under that crazy hag. And none of them quite enjoyed losing their jobs, thanks to you. We're here to settle scores with everyone."

"You're crazy."

"Goodbye, Irony." As he said this, Bonkin pressed the gun on Irony's forehead, but Irony noticed a strange orange flare coming towards them from behind. Just as Bonkin noticed the flare, Irony ducked and dove sideways, pulling Tyler with him. He stood up to see that Bonkin and all of his men were covered in flames. Screams filled the air as they struggled to put out the fire.

Irony picked up the gun that Bonkin had dropped. He pointed it at the flaming man. "I actually thought of you as a friend after Jack the Ripper. I was actually sorry that I had knocked you out at the police station. But it seems you've always had an agenda of your own, so I might as well put you out of your misery."

Bonkin didn't reply, and Irony didn't care for the fact that he might not have heard him. He pointed at Bonkin's chest and fired.

"You didn't have to do that..." said a shocked Tyler. But at that moment, Frederick and Leckie came running. "You were almost killed! Thank God we managed to combine our powers... what did you think of our fiery seismic burst?"

"Whatever the burst of energy touches automatically catches on fire!" said Leckie.

"Very nice," said Irony, "and thank you. Now, where's Elizabeth and Sarah?"

They came running almost at once. "Bad news!" shouted Elizabeth. "The creepy woman... Consuela. She's here, now! What are we going to --"

She couldn't finish the sentence.

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