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Company Men
Claude appears.jpg

Volume: One
Number: 105
Planned by: Gabriel Bishop
Written by: Irony
Edited by: Laughingdevilboy
Airdate: April 16, 2009
Previous Episode: Pinehearst
Next Episode: Requiem of a Prison Break

The Story

"It all started when I was young, around 16, in the eclipse of ‘74," said Claude.

“I used my power for the greater good, but I was reckless with it, a few people saw me, rumors shot up and the Company bagged and tagged me.

While I was being held in Level 2, Linderman, who was the company chairman at the time, offered me a job. In those days I still believed that the Company did good, helped get the criminals off the streets, so I agreed to take the job. In the 80’s, I worked with a man called Haram, we worked together for about five years, but he retired because of a terrible mission which we shared.

Then, as I was quite an experienced Company agent, I was assigned a rookie to train, who was my new partner, Noah Bennet. Noah soon became the best of the best, he was Mr. Morally Grey, he didn’t care about what he did. The mission, in which I decided to leave, was one in Russia. Noah I were sent to find an evolved human known only as “the Russian” and a member from the Russian branch of the Company called Ivan Spektor decided to tag along. The way they were treating him was inhumane, it was sick. We followed him onto a subway and found out his power was age shifting but we lost him so we headed to where his older form worked, in a market. We searched for him, but Noah and I stuck together, we didn’t know it but Ivan was following us.

I saw the Russian, but said it was all clear, Ivan saw him and ever since then, the Company suspected me. In 2006 I helped hide an evolved human, the Company found out and they led me out to a bridge with Noah and he shot me twice.”

“I’m sorry,” replied Derek, “I never knew.”

“My history,” whispered Gabriel, “is a bit more complicated. When I was young, I was recruited to the Company. My first partner was a man named Graham; he killed himself after about a week of our partnership.

But I soon became a fully fledged agent, I became respected amongst the "specials" in the company. One day, my new partner and I were on a mission to bag and tag a person who had the ability of illusion. We were instructed to bring her in but as I was going to her location I met a Japanese man, called Hiro, who was looking for Isaac Mendez, so I pointed him in the right direction.

Anyway me and my partner captured a girl called Candice Willmer, but she has had many faces and names in her time. A few months later, as I was becoming more powerful, I had developed my power of freezing. I could now use it at a distance and I could even choose to revert frozen people, which proved very useful in bagging and tagging. Then one day I was asked to join a different division. This division was “two of them, None of us”, the people we were sent after were extremely powerful, they were Level 5 "specials". These people could barely be stopped by two of us, so the Company didn’t want to risk the normal humans' lives. In this division I was teamed up with Frederick, the agent who is attacking us, the combination of hot and cold allowed us to become the best team of the whole Company. But then we were sent on a mission that would change my future; we were sent to find a woman who fired energy blasts, we went in and she blasted me with her power, I tried to overcome it but I accidentally teleported to Kirby Plaza, while there I saw many evolved humans fighting Sylar. As they were fighting I started to understand how they all thought and acted, there was Matt Parkman, a cop who never thought that he was good enough, Hiro Nakamura, an office drone who just wanted to help save the world and become a hero. Claire Bennet, a cheerleader who couldn’t bring herself to shoot her uncle and Peter Petrelli, a nurse who just wanted to help people.

As I understood them, I began to understand all their powers, and then I learned I could access them as well. But, as Peter had not been able to control induced radioactivity, neither could I, I looked down my hands started to glow a bright red, I was about to explode but Elle appeared behind me and electrified me. She took me back to the Company and put me straight into Level 5.

Bob came and explained that I had been gone two months and that he had done experiments on my blood and that they had found out that I had the same ability as Sylar, and that mine was more advanced so I didn't need to cut open the heads of evolved humans. He told me that the Company knew about Peter exploding and Elle was sent there to make sure everything went to plan but Elle had spotted me and realised what was happening. I asked them why I was in Level 5, all they said was I was now a security risk.

I managed to get control of some of my powers and escape and ever since then the Company has been trying to capture me and I vowed I would never to go back to the Company again.”

Character Appearances

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