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The Underground Bunker
CH Bunker.jpg
Location: Under the Warehouse
Purpose: To protect and hide evolved humans

The Cockney Heroes made a place to hide evolved humans called "The Underground Bunker".

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


Shattered Lives

After a handful of evolved humans escaped from the prison, they head to the warehouse. They were told they would be saved by REBEL. Once at the warehouse, Karl leads them to the bunker, which Karl states he made the bunker using his earth aspect of his ability. Emmett Marks states that he can help everyone by providing clean air and water using the same ability as Karl's, which Emmett had previously duplicated.

Kill or Be Killed

At the underground bunker, Eric tells his daughter to go with the team and stop the drugs entering London. He tells her that he will stay at the bunker with Emmett and Eddy to make sure no one finds the bunker.

The Die Is Cast

At the underground bunker, Emmett guards the entrance with Eddy and plays with his ability, however Shark's gang attack and Sophie throws giant white balls of plastic at Emmett and Eddy, which solidifies, trapping them. Eric then comes out and hypnotises the gang while Eddy attacks their nervous system. Shark's gang retaliate and Shark pistol whips Eddy, while Sophie sends a plastic ball at Eric. Shark then proceeds to ask Emmett where the rest of the Cockney Heroes are, he does not reply and Shark shoots him in both legs, repeating his question.

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