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Kate Thornton
Kate Thornton.jpg
First appearance Shattered Lives
In-story stats
Known ability Animation
Occupation Funeral parlor worker
Assignment tracker CH19

Kate Thornton is an evolved human with the ability to animate dead beings. She works in a funeral parlor, dressing the dead before their funeral.

Character History

Shattered Lives

After escaping from the prison, Kate returns to her normal job and begins working on a corpse. She is soon ambushed by agents, attempting to recapture her. Using her ability, Kate animates the corpse, using it as a shield from the oncoming agents. As the corpse is defending her, a mysterious woman attacks the agents from behind with a crowbar; before Kate can thank her, she disappears and the corpse begins to decompose.

Kate is one of the many escapees that meet up at the warehouse. They soon come under attack from a vengeful Consuela. However, Karl creates an underground bunker in which the escapees hide.

Room 410

After dumping Gabriel's body in a skip, Kate, Elizabeth, Derek, Tyler, and Irony are confronted by a mysterious woman who tells them her ability and how they need both Leckie and Frederick to stop an incoming batch of drugs. After deciding to use Elizabeth's ability to transport Leckie out of the hospital, Kate offers to animate Gabriel's body but she and the gang find it is missing.

Later, Irony and Elizabeth return and restore an unconscious Leckie. Kate listens to Irony who tells the gang they must stop the incoming batch of drugs.

Kill or Be Killed

At the docks Kate arrives with Frederick, Tyler and Derek to the relief of Irony, Elizabeth and Leckie. The team then prepare to destroy the drugs as Irony hands jobs to each member.

He suggests John to smash a hole in the gate with the help of his ability. John agrees, but the very next moment he is shot in the neck and killed. Kate says she can animate his body, though John won't be able to use his ability anymore. She uses John to draw the guards fire so the team can proceed.

As the team reunites, Elizabeth comes running towards them saying Consuela is here, before she is cut off.

The Die Is Cast

At the docks, Dave Rogers paralyzes the Cockney Heroes and helps Consuela tie them up. When finished he releases them and explains to a bewildered Irony that he only helped Gabriel break Abigail out of prison because, he said he would help him find someone, but instead he just disappeared.

Consuela then turns on Dave, and as she is about to shoot, Shark's gang appears and she is sent to her death by Ladzaro. Dave takes his chance to escape unnoticed as the two gangs standoff.

Kate, who remains tied, has to watch the fight between the two gangs. Soon, Irony, using his ability, knocks out Shark and his gang, and she is released. The vicrorious Cockney Heroes, including Kate, then return to the underground bunker to celebrate.

Evolved Human Abilities

With her ability Kate can animate dead beings. She used this ability to animate a corpse, and summon it to shield her from oncoming agents (Shattered Lives).

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