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Eric Cowell
CH Eric.jpg
First appearance Veni Vidi Expugnavi
In-story stats
Known ability Hypnosis
Occupation Hypnotherapist
Significant other Diane Cowell (wife)
Child Sarah Cowell (daughter)
Assignment tracker CH28

Eric Cowell was an inmate at cell block B. He is the father of Sarah Cowell and was the husband to Diane Cowell, before she was shot by agents attempting to capture him.

Character History

Veni Vidi Expugnavi

Derek and Irony meet Eric in the hallway of cell block B on their way to see Consuela Hammock. He asks them why they are here and they find out he has an ability and that all the inmates are evolved humans.

Shattered Lives

Eric returns to his home to save his wife and daughter. He finds a van outside and notices a number of agents in his house. He sneaks inside and uses his ability to make them fall asleep. Eric unties his wife and daughter and says they have to leave, but once they opened the door, more agents waiting outside opened fire, killing Diane and wounding Sarah, who suddenly heals herself. Eric mourns his wife, and Sarah receives a message from REBEL.

Later, following REBEL's tip, Eric and Sarah arrive at a warehouse, where other escapees of the prison have also convened. Karl helps build an underground bunker, where Eric, Sarah, and the other escapees take shelter.

Kill or Be Killed

At the underground bunker, Eric tells his daughter to go with the team and stop the drugs entering London. He tells her that he will stay at the bunker with Emmett and Eddy to make sure no one finds the bunker.

The Die Is Cast

At the underground bunker, Eric stays inside, with Eddy and Emmett guarding the entrance, however Shark's gang attack. Eric comes out and begins tohypnotise them while Eddy attacks their nervous system. Shark's gang retaliate and Shark pistol whips Eddy, while Sophie sends a plastic ball at Eric, and his concentration is lost.

Evolved Human Abilities

Eric Cowell has the ability to hypnotize people. He has mentioned that this ability helps him with his job as a hypnotherapist. Irony mentioned that Eric managed to hypnotize a guard simply by touching him (Veni Vidi Expugnavi). Eric also managed to cause several agents in his house to fall asleep (Shattered Lives).

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