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John Doe
John doe.JPG
First appearance Derek Simmonds, Part 2
In-story stats
Known ability Dehydration
Occupation Member of the Company
Child An unnamed child
Assignment tracker CH03

John Doe is a member of the Company who is partnered with Lloyd Parker.

Character History

Derek Simmonds, Part 2

John Doe walks to Derek Simmonds and absorbs a tear from his face. He frightens Derek, and tells him about other evolved humans. He correctly guesses Derek's ability of electrical manipulation and almost captures him. However, he is unable to stop Derek from electrocuting him and escaping.

The next day, he shows up with Lloyd at Derek's house. He captures him with the use of rubber gloves.

Back at the Company, John lets Derek out of his cell, thinking that he had learned the error of his ways. Derek leaves, understanding John's huge sacrifice.

Derek Simmonds, Part 3

Despite having let Derek escape, John's partner, Lloyd, is intent on recapturing him. Lloyd chases Derek around town, and as Derek sprints into an alley, John steps in front of him, blocking his way. Lloyd is glad to see John, but John is zapped from behind by Derek's father using a red blast of energy.

Evolved Human Abilities

John Doe has the ability to absorb water. When Derek Simmonds began crying, John touched his tears and absorbed them, much to Derek's surprise. (Derek Simmonds, Part 2)

L Origins edit
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