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St. Grays Hospital
Peters hospital.jpg
Location: London
Purpose: To look after and treat sick and injured people

St. Grays Hospital is where Irony and Gabriel Bishop are taken after their encounter with the fake Jack the Ripper.

Notable Patients

Notable Visitors


Ambush from an Outside Source

Gabriel Bishop and Irony stay in the hospital after their encounter with Jack the Ripper. After Irony woke up, Frederick, who is nearby the hospital, is possessed by Jack the Ripper, who attacks the Cockney Heroes. The fight eventually ended when an awaking Gabriel fires a lightning bolt at the possessed Frederick, sending him flying out of the window.

Room 410

Elizabeth Whiteheart and Irony arrive at the hospital, with the intention of breaking Leckie out. They ask the receptionist where Leckie's room is, and she replies that it's Room 410. They head towards the room, and take out the two guards guarding it. They enter the room, and leave with a container of sand (which is actually Leckie, but transformed by Elizabeth into sand).

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