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This article archives the history of Derek Simmonds during Volume Two. For more about Derek, see the main article.

Character History

Veni Vidi Expugnavi

Derek awakes with Irony in a cell. Confused as to why they are there, they meet Eric Cowell, another evolved human, and discover that the prison in which they are is for "specials" only. The prison's boss, Consuela Hammock, gives a speech which explains the situation further. When they arrive back at the cell, Irony tells Derek that they are going to escape. Derek uses the passive side of his ability to short out the cell's electric door. They escape through corridors and discover that Officer Bonkin was the one who turned them in. They continue and find the Project DIBOAHA that Consuela had mentioned, who is actually a person, Obadiah. They untie him, but their presence is discovered and guards storm into the room. After a brief firefight, an explosion occurs.

Derek later wakes up drowsily, and is told by a new cellmate, Karl Hall, that he is now in solitary confinement.

Shark of the Streets

Before a flashback, Derek wakes up after the explosion where he meets Karl Hall, who explains where they are, and introduces Leckie, who is squatting against a wall.


In solitary confinement, Derek is introduced by Irony to Karl and Leckie. As Karl tell their story of how they were captured and placed into solitary confinement, Derek listens. Then, Derek asks what to do next, to which Irony and Karl simultaneously reply that they are going to escape.

Live Together, Die Alone

When saving Ed Miller, Claude says to hurry it up so they can find Gabriel, Derek, and Irony.

Déjà Vu

Derek learns from Karl that there are five additional prisoners in solitary confinement. After waiting a few days, they discover that the prison's stock of ability-negating drugs has run out, and their abilities have been restored. They release the five other prisoners, and together, try to escape. After their initial attempt is thwarted by Consuela Hammock, Karl saves them and, using a combination of the nine evolved humans' abilities (in which Derek blasts electricity at a door to weaken it), manage to subdue a guard as well as Consuela herself. One of the evolved humans, Stuart Harrison, is killed in the firefight, but the rest of them, including Derek, escape the prison safely.

Sliding Doors

After agreeing to meet Karl at the warehouse, Irony, Derek and Leckie took the tube. As the train suddenly stopped they find it is the result of a hooded evolved human who can release EMPs.

They chase him who avoids Derek's bolt before he is overwhelmed by Irony. Discovering they are both prison escapees and due to a tip off from REBEL, that there are agents waiting for them at the next stop. Tyler manages to reverse the EMP and the group is rescued by Karl who takes them to the sewer, below the warehouse, to the delight of the gang.

Shattered Lives

Derek and the others arrive at the warehouse after Karl had created a tunnel to escape the train tunnel.

Later on that night, some escapees from the prison arrive at the warehouse and Karl buries underground and creates a bunker for all the escapees. Derek questions the escapees asking who sent them, he then accompanies them down to the bunker. When Karl has shown them around Derek makes his way to the surface with Irony, Karl, Tyler and Leckie when they reach the top Leckie is shot by an unknown assailant and Karl makes the ground move to make a wall keeping them safe.

The Wanderer Returns

When Leckie is shot and dying, Karl desperately yells for someone to do something. Irony instructs Derek to use his electrical abilities as a defibrillator, and jump start Leckie's heartbeat. Derek does as told, saving Leckie's life. Karl and Leckie leave for the hospital, while Derek and Irony go to find who shot Leckie. Gabriel Bishop returns to help them, but Derek watches in horror as Gabriel is shot and killed by Consuela Hammock, who also shoots Officer Bonkin. Derek and Irony rush over to Bonkin's body, knowing that it is too late for Gabriel, and that he's already dead.

Derek Simmonds, Part 1

Derek relives his past, and recalls that his mother had died during childbirth, which Derek blames on his electrical abilities. Derek was then sent by his father to live with his aunt Julie. He resented his father for not loving him, and at school, he was an outcast, often being bullied by jocks like Michael Ashworth. After his aunt gave him up to social services, he spent time discovering his special ability, and playing with electricity. He confided in his maths teacher, Mr. Clayton, but Mr. Clayton didn't believe him.

After a few months, Derek had become a Goth, and set out to take revenge on Michael Ashworth and Mr. Clayton. He succeeds in getting back at Michael, who is electrified badly and hospitalized. However, before he can find Mr. Clayton, a Company agent captures him.

Derek Simmonds, Part 2

Derek is taken by surprise by the agent behind him soon becomes frightened, John Doe walks to Derek and absorbs a tear from his face and the pair tell Derek what he is and correctly guessing his ability of electrical manipulation. Derek electrocutes the agents and escapes.

The next day, the pair show up at Derek's house and capture him with the use of rubber gloves.

Back at the Company, John lets Derek out of his cell, thinking that he had learned the error of his ways. Derek leaves, understanding John's huge sacrifice.

Derek Simmonds, Part 3

Derek manages to arrange to meet Claude at the Tower of London but despite John having let Derek escape, his partner, Lloyd, is intent on recapturing him.

Lloyd chases Derek around town, and as Derek sprints into an alley, John steps in front of him, blocking his way. Lloyd is glad to see John, but John is zapped from behind by Derek's father using a red blast of energy. Patrick tells Derek to run, he does so and soon realises he's late for his meeting with Claude, however he sees Mr. Clayton who is able to give him a lift to the Tower of London.

Room 410

After dumping Gabriel's body in a skip, Derek, Elizabeth, Kate, Tyler and Irony are confronted by a mysterious woman who tells them her ability and how they need both Leckie and Frederick to stop an incoming batch of drugs. After deciding to use Elizabeth's ability to transport Leckie out of the hospital, Derek and the gang find Gabriel's body is missing.

After Irony and Elizabeth return and restore an unconscious Leckie. Derek listens to Irony who tells the gang they must stop the incoming batch of drugs.

Kill or Be Killed

At the docks Derek arrives with Frederick, Tyler and Kate to the relief of Irony, Elizabeth and Leckie. The team then prepare to destroy the drugs as Irony hands jobs to each member.

Irony tells Tyler to knock out all the electricity and cameras but allow Elizabeth to transform a worried Derek to avoid him being effected. Elizabeth does so and after Tyler knocks out the power, she restores him to an unconscious state.

The Die Is Cast

Derek having just regained consciousness, runs towards the gang, victorious from the fight. He says he would've joined the fight but he found a sorrowful Dave Rogers running away. Derek leaves the docks with the gang back to the underground bunker, while Frederick remains to take care of the incoming ship of drugs.

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