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Karl Hall
First appearance Veni Vidi Expugnavi
In-story stats
Known ability Elemental Manipulation
Age 20
Date of birth 1987
Place of birth Newcastle, England
Home London, England
Parents Stuart Hall (deceased), Leanne Hall (deceased)
Grandparents Paternal grandparents:
Charlie Hall,
Margaret Hall
Maternal grandparents:
Robert Buckland (deceased), Irene Buckland (deceased)
Sibling Unnamed sister
Other relatives Maternal aunt:
Becky Green (deceased)
Jane Green
Assignment tracker CH21

Karl Hall is an evolved human who lives in London. He has the ability to manipulate elements.

Character History

Volume Two

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Karl Hall: Volume Two history.

Karl and Leckie are in solitary confinement, and Irony and Derek joins them after a failed escape attempt. Karl explains some of his past to Irony and Derek, and they decide to escape the prison, along with other inmates. After their escape attempt proves successful, Karl leaves the group for a while, then meets them back at the warehouse. A handful of other escaped inmates seek refuge here, and Karl helps build them an underground bunker. However, Leckie is suddenly shot by Consuela's men, and Karl desperately tries to save him. When Derek manages to revive Leckie using electricity, Karl takes him to the hospital.

Evolved Human Abilities

Karl has the ability to control and manipulate the four classical elements. So far, he has demonstrated the ability to throw fireballs, turn himself and others into air (Imprisoned), disappear into the ground and reappear elsewhere, spray jets of water (Déjà Vu), and dig tunnels through the earth (Sliding Doors).

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