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Derek Simmonds, Part 2
A Rude Awakening
Awi taser gun.jpg

Chapter: Two
Number: 202
Planned by: Gabriel Bishop
Written by: Irony
Edited by: Laughingdevilboy
Airdate: 4th July, 2009
Previous Chapter: Derek Simmonds, Part 1
Next Chapter: Derek Simmonds, Part 3

The Story

April 1, 2001 13:26

“Boo, said an agent, laughing lightly.

“Who are you?”said Derek,“the police?”

“Guess again...”replied the agent.

“Terrorists,”whispered Derek, terrified.

“One more time,”the agent said.

“Social workers?”asked Derek.

“No, but we will be taking you away from them," replied the Company agent.

“Why, what have I done?”asked Derek,“why me?”

“Let me think,”replied the agent.“One Mickey Ashworth, got severe electricity burns. One Joseph Hiens, stuck his finger into a socket, which overcharged. Funny that, it was a safety socket, another electric source? And now you’re on your way to see someone, let me guess -- Mr. Clayton?”

“What are you talking about?" said Derek, “are you saying that I hurt them?" playing along.

“We're not saying that you hurt them, we know that you hurt them," replied the agent.

“Are you Michael’s father?”asked Derek.

“No,” said the agent, “oh, I’m sorry I haven’t properly introduced myself, I’m Lloyd, Lloyd Parker and my partner is John Doe.”

Derek let out a small tear, but John responded quickly, “Are you afraid now? Well ... you should have thought of that before you attacked those people." As he said this, Derek shed another tear. But John was ready for this, he raised his hand and touched Derek's tear, absorbing it into his finger. “And you should know... you’re not the only one with an ability.” He laughed while saying this.

“Wait!” said Derek, “You think that I have an ability, I don't even know what one is?”

“Don’t play dumb,” said Lloyd, “we know that you have an ability and we know what it is.”

“What?” replied Derek, “what is it?”

“You can create electrical currents -- like lightning,” replied John.

“Are you going to kill me?” said Derek, increasingly worried now.

“No, but we are going to lock you up for a very long time -- a very long time,” replied Lloyd.

At that moment, Derek collapsed to the ground, pretending to cry. “Get up,” spat Lloyd, “Get up now.”

As Derek was getting up, he clutched Lloyd and John to support him. They grabbed his hands to help, and when they did, Derek produced as much electricity as he could. He produced so much he overloaded and could barely stop. When he finally gained control of his ability, he stopped and ran as far away as he could, leaving the two agents on the floor unconscious.

Derek ran, he ran faster than he had ever done before. But he had nowhere to go. He needed to find somewhere to hide until the agents gave up. But many thoughts ran through his head, "there are more people like me?" The day seemed to be getting worse. He managed to find a train station and fell asleep on a bench.

April 2, 2001 09:00

"Hello Derek," said a familiar voice.

"Huh?" replied Derek as he awoke from his sleep. He looked to see who was talking to him and there stood John. "How did you find me?"

"We have our ways," smiled John, "now come with us we can help you."

"I don't want your help," said Derek defiantly as he started producing a ball of electricity which he sent flying towards John. But nothing happened.

"Rubber gloves," smiled John, raising his hand. "We aren't stupid."

"There you are," shouted Lloyd, as he sent a taser flying at Derek, "got you, you little..."

"That's enough," said John, "lets take him back to base."

John and Lloyd took Derek to the base where other evolved humans were being kept or being trained. Derek was ushered into a cell and left there. The room was lined with rubber so his ability was useless. He had but one visitor, John, who would visit him and see if he was alright.

April 20, 2001 18:24

"Why do you care?" spat Derek, "you're the one that captured me."

"Because you're only a child, you need to learn to control your ability," replied John.

"I still don't see why you care," said Derek.

"I have a son your age, who I have kept hidden from the Company," he said with a tear in his eye. "I want to help you, you shouldn't be locked up like a criminal but you did misuse your ability," he continued as he passed the key to the door to Derek when he shook his hand. "But I am sure you have learnt from your mistakes."

"I have," replied Derek, knowing what John was sacrificing.

Later that night, Derek opened his cell door, he peered out and saw the camera looking around the corridor. He sent a ball of electricity flying at the camera overloading the whole electricity circuit. The whole place went pitch black, Derek ran producing a ball of electricity so he could see. He made it out but was followed by Lloyd.

He was shot, but kept running. He knew he needed to escape, he needed to find a safe place.

"I will get you," laughed Lloyd, "you have no where to go, your father left, your mother died, your auntie is locked up," he shouted after Derek.

"Why have they locked my auntie up?" he wondered to himself as he kept on running. Half an hour later he managed to find a doctor who would remove the bullets from him.

Something had changed. He had changed. He was no longer in control of his ability. He knew this was bad.

He needed to run. He needed to hide. He needed a family.

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