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The Docks
Shipping yard.jpg
Location: London, England

The Cockney Heroes team head to the London docks to stop an incoming batch of drugs.

Notable Visitors


Room 410

Irony, Elizabeth and Leckie, who was transformed into sand, arrive at the docks. Elizabeth returns Leckie to his human form, and Irony says they wait until the ship arrives, so they can destroy the drugs.

Kill or Be Killed

Irony, Elizabeth and Leckie, who regained consciousness, are worried about the delaying others. The mysterious woman emerges from nowhere. She introduces herself as Jane and reveals her ability to see glimpses of the future. Leckie asks if she works with REBEL, which she admits, but says she only communicated him through her mobile. Seeing Irony worried, Jane informs that other Cockney Heroes will be here soon, which she has just seen in a vision, and Frederick, Kate, Sarah, Derek, and Tyler arrive. Jane tells Irony that he "will know what to do when the time comes" and walks off. The Cockney Heroes wonder how they would get past the gate.

Half an hour later, Irony asks Elizabeth if she can move as sand, and the answer is "no". Irony tells her to fill the container with herself so Sarah could go to the side of the gate and put her out in the dock, and then he suggests John to smash a hole in the gate with the help of his ability. John agrees, but the very next moment he is shot in the neck and killed. Kate says she can animate his body, though John won't be able to use his ability anymore.

Irony tells Leckie and Frederick to take down the fences and the pair set off, Frederick burning the fence, so Leckie can knock it out. Leckie then repels the approaching guards as Frederick sends out the signal to the rest of the team.

Whilst Sarah carrying the transformed Elizabeth reach the the other side of the compound where, Elizabeth transforms back and fights the guards. Seeing Frederick's signal the pair run towards the flame but on their way see a woman in black leather, with an agenda of her own.

Irony tells Tyler to knock out all the electricity and cameras but allow Elizabeth to transform a worried Derek to avoid him being effected. Tyler knocks out the power and goes with Irony to Frederick's ball of flame but despite Irony's efforts more guards appear and they are soon surrounded and surrender. Irony then sees that it is Bonkin leading the prison guards who were fired to the Cockney Heroes after revenge.

Irony is shocked that Bonkin would kill him as the two exchange words, but before Bonkin can fire, Frederick and Leckie combine abilities, creating a fiery seismic wave, knocking back and setting alight Bonkin him and his guards. Irony then picks up Bonkin's pistol and shoots him in the chest, to the shock of Tyler.

As the team reunites, Elizabeth comes running towards them saying Consuela is here, before she is cut off.

The Die Is Cast

Elizabeth freezes before she can finish the sentence, and so does everyone. A dark-skinned man accompanies Consuela - it's Dave Rogers. They tie the Cockney Heroes up, and Dave lets them move again. Irony asks him why he is helping Consuela, and Dave replies that he is no longer loyal to Gabriel since the latter didn't help him find his girlfriend's murderer, but Consuela will. However, Consuela points her gun at Dave and says she never planned to help him and asks him if he can raise his hand and paralyze her before she shoots. Suddenly, Shark's gang comes out of a portal, and Ladzaro opens another one, which is red, not blue, and sends Consuela away, commenting she'll be surprised at where she appears. Dave flees. Shark's gang turns to the tied-up Cockney Heroes, and Sophie says their gang will be the only group of evolved humans in London. Elizabeth quickly becomes sand, releasing herself, reforms and punches Mary Rose. Irony drains the energy of Mike Douglas and Richard Gold, Sarah breaks from her ropes and begins to untie others. Sophie throws plastic at Tyler, trapping him, and at Elizabeth, who becomes sand again and avoids Sophie's attack. Shark shoots at Irony and Frederick, but Sarah takes the bullets. Frederick throws a fireball at Shark, who dodges. Elizabeth uses her ability on Mary, rendering her unconscious, and releases Tyler from plastic. Richard transforms a wooden board into gold and swings at Leckie, who avoids it and blasts it away with his ability, and they engage in an unarmed combat. Tara makes everyone hiccup, but Frederick disrupts her with a fireball. Shark and Irony fistfight, and Shark gets exhausted after every single punch. He notices Irony drain his energy and falls unconscious, and so do others of his gang. Elizabeth unties Kate and asks Irony how he was able to select whom to drain, and he replies it's another new trick. Derek Simmonds runs up to them and says he has watched the battle. Dave Rogers walks up behind him and apologizes before the Cockney Heroes. Irony says they'll help him to find his girlfriend's murderer, but they have to destroy the drugs. Frederick ignites his hands and tells everyone to go back to the bunker.

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