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Karl Hall, Part 1
Location Unknown
Arthur's office.jpg

Chapter: Four
Number: 401
Planned by: Laughingdevilboy
Written by: Laughingdevilboy
Edited by: Leckie
Airdate: September 24, 2009
Previous Chapter: Pam Marshall, Part 3
Next Chapter: Karl Hall, Part 2

The Story


7PM – an unknown location

“I know what to do, thanks for your help,” said Jane to a young man.

“Remember, no one can find out who you are yet,” replied the man.

“I know, especially Karl, he needs to find out when the time is right,” replied Jane, “Now a little help here.”

“Sure, good luck, I know you will do well,” replied the man before touching Jane’s shoulder, sending her to London. The man then walked into a cave. “Honey, where did I leave my paint pots?” he shouted at an unseen person.

9PM – a London tube station

Irony and Derek stood at the entrance waiting for the other two to arrive. Leckie ran from behind a corner. “They ransacked my flat,” he told them, “They tore it up, don’t know what they were looking for.”

“Do you think the warehouse and Karl’s flat is the same?” asked Derek.

“Karl’s flat is,” Karl said out of nowhere; Derek, Irony, and Leckie turned around to see Karl standing there with his journal in his hands. “They didn’t take anything, so they were probably just looking for us. In light of this I need to go somewhere, I can’t turn more than two people into air at a time so you three take the Tube and I will be back in around an hour,” he finished. Then he vanished.

10 minutes later, an unknown location

“Hello?” shouted Karl into a dark cave, “are you there?”

“Karl? Is that you?” said a voice from the dark.

“Yes it is,” Karl replied.

“Ah, I knew it was, always pays to be careful,” laughed the voice.

“You don’t need to be careful, you can’t die,” Karl laughed back.

“Well, I take it you want your journal updated or do you just need advice?” asked the voice.

“Why ask when you already know?” replied Karl.

“You know me, I like to be courteous and since you’re the only person I ever see, it’s nice to have a conversation,” said the voice.

“Okay, I need both,” said Karl as he proceeded to enter the cave. The cave was lit by electric lights and was very big on the inside. The walls were covered in plants which birds and some small creatures were living on. The person whose voice had come from the shadows was sitting in the middle of a big chamber. He looked to be in his late 20’s with brown hair and smartly dressed.

“Can you paint some more of my future, please Charlie?” asked Karl.

“I don’t want to, when I paint the future nothing good happens. I couldn’t save your parents. I couldn’t find your sis...” replied Charlie.

“Please... I need to know what to do with my life,” interrupted Karl.

“I know I am only your granddad but I don’t expect to be interrupted!” shouted Charlie.

“Sorry,” replied Karl.

“Now, your future, I won’t paint it this time, but I will look into your future and write it down, pass me the journal,” replied Charlie. Karl made the journal appear out of thin air and gave it to Charlie. Then Charlie’s eyes turned dark purple and he started writing dates and events in Karl’s journal. When he was finished Charlie gave Karl his journal back.

“I want to stop the government and make sure that the Company who ruined our lives can’t get us anymore,” said Karl.

“You need to know your family background before you can do anything,” replied Charlie.

“Why?” asked Karl.

“We are a very powerful family; this Company have pursued us for 30 years. I have a power; my wife has a power, your other grandparents, both your parents, as well as you and your sister. The Company couldn’t let us live, families are always strong when they are together and our family has always been close. We were a threat to society, even though we only used our gifts to help others,” explained Charlie.

“Honey, is that Karl?” shouted a voice from the darkness of the cave.

“Yes dear, come and say hello,” replied Charlie. “You haven’t seen your grandma for a while.”

“I need to hurry I am meeting some friends...” started Karl.

“I know, I may not let you see what I paint but I still paint the future,” interrupted Charlie.

“Ah, Karl it’s been a while,” said Karl’s grandmother, she looked to be in her late 80’s yet still full of life. “I have missed the company.”

“I can’t stay long, Grandma; I need to save some friends by the look of it,” Karl replied as he looked at his journal.

“Don’t worry,” she smiled while looking around the chamber, “we need more foliage and some more animals,” she grumbled to herself before walking up to a dying plant and touching it bringing it back to life. She then walked over to a patch on the ground. “How’s carrots for tea love?” she asked Charlie.

“Sounds great Margaret,” Charlie replied while giving a funny look at Karl. Margaret then held out her hand and ten carrots suddenly grew out of the ground. “That should be enough,” she said under her breath before walking away.

Karl’s phone started ringing, he answered it and Leckie asked him to help him. When Karl hung up, Charlie smiled and said, “you better go, you are in for a long night. Oh, one more thing,” Charlie continued. “You will find Jane again.” As he said this Karl looked shocked, but knew he had to go, he disappeared and went to meet Leckie, Derek, Irony and Tyler in a tunnel.

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