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Electrical Manipulation
Electric Manipulation.jpg
A man is attacked with bolts of electricity.
Originally held by: Elle Bishop (deceased),
Derek Simmonds
Absorbed by: Gabriel Bishop (deceased)
Ability to: Generate and propel charges of electricity ranging from minor to fatal voltage

Electric manipulation (also referred to as lightning) is the ability to generate and propel charges of electricity ranging from minor to fatal voltage.



Users of this power can generate electricity between themselves and other people or objects. The potential difference of the electrical arcs is not known. Users of the power are not usually harmed by electrical currents that they create themselves, although they can shock themselves if they attempt to generate arcs under unfavorable circumstances.

Elle Bishop

Elle has demonstrated her ability once, firing electricity at a van, which caused an explosion. (How to Stop an Exploding Van)

Gabriel Bishop also mentioned that Elle electrocuted him from behind when he was about to lose control of his powers. (Company Men)

Derek Simmonds

When going to Cockney Heroes, Derek had no control over his ability. Every time he used it, he discharged causing him to release it unintentionally (Hidden in the Darkness, Nemesis, How to Stop an Exploding Van, Requiem of a Prison Break). However, in the later episodes he started to gain some control over his ability, in the final episode of Volume One Derek managed to produce lightning without overcharging, and has demonstrated this ability since (Ambush from an Oustide Source,Veni Vidi Expugnavi). Derek has shown to be able to control the amount of voltage he lets out, this has shown to be useful when he used his ability like a defibrilator (The Wanderer Returns).

Gabriel Bishop

Gabriel has shown to have control over this ability and he uses it quite a lot, but has never shown to do anything excessive with this ability, it is to be mentioned that he uses his right arm to fire electricity (Hidden in the Darkness)

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