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Michael Dunkirk
Michael Dunkirk.JPG
First appearance Déjà Vu
In-story stats
Known ability Ability Alteration
Formal name Michael Dunkirk, Jr.
Nicknames Mick,
Age 24
Place of birth Edinburgh, Scotland
Home Illinois
Occupation Secret agent
Significant other Maria Gregorz
Parents Michael Dunkirk, Sr.,
Julie Dunkirk
Grandparents Derek Dunkirk (deceased),
Lauren Dunkirk
Siblings Rita Minner,
John Siffrey
Other relatives Mark Dunkirk (uncle),
Peter Minner (nephew)
Assignment tracker CO13

Michael Dunkirk is an evolved human with the ability to alter the abilities of others.

Character History

Déjà Vu

Michael Dunkirk, one of the nine evolved human prisoners in solitary confinement, is freed by Irony and Karl. They try to escape, but their first attempt is thwarted by Consuela Hammock's glass tubes system. After Karl circumvents the tubes and frees everyone again, Michael is summoned by Irony to alter Chris Rowland's ability so that he can add heat to objects without physical touch. Michael does so, enabling Chris to emit large amounts of heat, which KC converts into radioactive energy, which successfully blows off their cell door. After subduing the guards that come their way, as well as Consuela herself, the nine evolved humans escape to safely.

Evolved Human Abilities

Michael's ability to alter other evolved humans' abilities was used to alter Chris Rowland's ability to manipulate temperature. Michael altered the ability such that Chris, who previously needed physical touch to manipulate an object's temperature, no longer had such limitation. (Déjà Vu)

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