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Etheric Projection
Etheric Projection.jpg
Jack the Ripper takes over a victim's body.
Held by: "Jack the Ripper"
Ability to: Move about in the material world in an etheric body

Etheric Projection is the ability to project ones spirit/soul into anyone's body at any moment in time. It also allows the user to learn any special traits of the possessed person has or ability. The user is usually, though not always, invisible to people who are presently in their bodies.



Jack the Ripper

The first time Jack used this ability, he was shown to be able to take possession of people who were dead, after which (it has revealed later) that the person heals while in Jack's possesion (Requiem of a Prison Break). He was also shown to be able to go into animals, not only humans, as he was shown to enter an owl, he is also able to take control of people while they are concious (Ambush From an Outside Source).

See also

  • For the ability which allows the user to insert a person into someone else's body, see body insertion.

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