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Pam Marshall, Part 2
Psycho Killer Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Planned by: Irony
Written by: Irony
Edited by: Leckie
Airdate: 19th, July
Previous Chapter: Pam Marshall, Part 1
Next Chapter: Pam Marshall, Part 3

The Story

September 22nd, 2001
Next week ... I moved to Italy, well Venice more specifically. I didn’t know that I was going to end up there, but I did. It seemed the most natural place. The island of Murano had always been famous for making glass and objects from it, so I assumed I could probably get a job there, then again ... I was me.

I went to the interview and there was the chief of the factory, Paul Welsh. I was asked about my qualifications, none there, the history that I’d had with glass works, again, none and then he asked me to show him what I could do. He gave me 15 minutes in a warehouse, I was supposed to create a vase, instead, I created a life-size model of him, which may sound challenging – but with my ability, well ... not so much. I got the job, and I got a pay rise from what he was originally offering, I mean with my talents ... I’m pretty great, so I was going to need a bonus.

October 27th, 2001

I’d been working with Paul, at Murano for a month now, but there was something wrong, I knew that Italy was to suppose to be the mafia centre of the world, but I really didn’t expect what was coming for me there. One month I’d been there, only one and two men and four women had gone missing. It was suspected that it was by the same person, they had all been eating out and then – they just vanished. No-one knew who it is, but knowing me, I’d find out. But this time, it scared me – all the people were either tourists or immigrants who had just moved here, no-one Venetian was taken – so I decided not to eat out, ever.

October 28th, 2001

Anyway, the next day there was a documentary on the psycho killer – I found out that one of the victims, someone called Melanie Knott, worked in Murano, in the same glass factory as me. Now, I was even more worried, there was something about that place; it always smelled like lime, which scared me. They used lime to cover the stench of dead bodies. The caretaker was an old man, who always carried lime, so then, my mind was playing tricks on me, making me think that he was involved – I almost quit my job because if it.

November 4th, 2001

The next week, another person had gone missing – and police were expecting another one soon. Jordan Elroy was his name, another innocent 22 year old victim, with no connection to any of the others. It was then, that my boss came up to me and told me we had a new order and that we only needed one person, but we needed the best – that was me, well that was my ability. So, the next night I came into work, where the boss was waiting for me. He said that there was another room in the basement, a specialist room which was only used for specialised orders. I went down, unbeknownst to the truth, looking for this room. I got to a door, with the words “Specialised Orders” on it. Where my boss was waiting for me. As I went in, I stopped and almost fainted.

“Who are you?” I said, whilst vomiting on the floor in front of him.

“I’m the psycho killer” he said, chuckling lightly.

“What is this?” I once again asked, still being sick.

“This is my room, my room, just for me. You see, you’re not the only one with an ability” and as he said this my heart skipped a beat, how could he know about my ability? At that point, I really didn’t know, “You see” he continued, “You may have an amazing skill with glasswork, but I have something a million times more special, I can attach other peoples limbs to my body.”

And then, I finally realised what this room was, he had been killing people and taking their limbs, in case he ever needed them.

“You see, the cops are onto me now, they’re waiting outside, but I need a disguise. So, I’m going to killing you, take all of your body parts and reassemble myself into you, and then walk out of Venice a free man, or in fact, a free woman ...”

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