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Dave Rogers, Part 3
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Chapter: One
Number: 103
Planned by: Radicell
Written by: Radicell
Airdate: 26th June, 2009
Previous Chapter: Dave Rogers, Part 2
Next Chapter: Derek Simmonds, Part 1

The Story

Company watering hole, Primatech Facility

Dave Rogers sat on the bar stool, his head hanging low, drinking, grieving, mourning. It had been three days since he got back from Australia, and this was where he had spent most of the three days: the classy, well-adorned bar in the lower levels of Primatech Research that unfortunate Company agents such as Dave would frequent. He grabbed another shot and downed it, emptying the cup and then slamming it onto the bar.

"Hey, buddy." From behind him, a familiar voice approached. The figure sat on the bar stool and turned to face Dave.


"Yeah. I heard about Amber, I'm sorry."

Dave said nothing, but instead drank another shot of tequila. "I thought you were... I thought I paralyzed you."

"Nothing serious, really. Your power isn't really that developed, if you don't mind me saying. They gave me a shot of adrenaline, which brought me back to life."

"And... and what about Steelson?"

"Adrenaline. And he came back to life, real angry. He's locked up now, in Level 5. The little bastard will spend the rest of his life there."

"Son of a bitch killed my..." Dave winced and trailed off, and turned to have another glass of tequila. After slamming it down on the bar again, he clutched his head with his hand. "What am I going to do now? Before I joined the Company, I was just another beat cop in New York. But then, I discovered my power... and the Company found me, and I accepted the offer to join, since I needed to support myself and Amber. But now... she's dead... and I don't think I've ever felt like this was the sort of job for me..."

Curtis listened as Dave ranted, spittle flying everywhere. "You're drunk, Dave. You don't mean it. Take a leave, go home for a month or two. You'll come back feeling like a new man."

"No, Curtis. I mean it. Tomorrow, I'm going to throw my resignation at Mr. Cruz, and then I'll leave and never look back." And Dave did mean it, even in his highly inebriated state. He was intent on quitting the Company, especially when he had no more use for the high salaries. He reached for another glass of alcohol, but they were all empty. Sighing, he stood up, and patted his partner on the shoulder. "Nice knowing you, Curtis. We'll keep in touch." Then he strolled out of the bar, leaving Curtis pondering the worrysome situation.

The next day

"Listen, Dave, I understand your grief over your girlfriend's death, but this is premature."

"Mr. Cruz, please. I doubt that I can continue going on assignments, after what happened. To be honest, I never truly enjoyed working here. It was only for the money, and now..."

"Well then, you do know that even though you're no longer attached to the organization, you are still entitled to keep its existence a secret."

"Very well, sir."

"And keep those powers of yours controlled, Dave. Remember, if you ever attract attention, we can find you."

Without another word, Dave left the office. He marched down the hall towards the elevator, not looking back. Once inside the elevator, he hovered his finger over the 'Ground floor' button, and pondered whether to press it. There'd be no turning back from this, and Dave paused for a few more seconds. However, he remembered that there was still something to settle. And so, his hand shot upwards, illuminating the button that read '5'.

Level 5 was a dark, unlit corridor. It was no stranger to agents like Dave. He walked past the cells, studying the prisoners as if they were museum exhibits. Some were pounding on the glass, some were staring back. But one prisoner smiled when Dave walked past his cell. It was Jack Steelson, the water-wielding killer.

Dave angrily punched in the key code to Steelson's cell, and stomped into it. He grabbed the grinning Steelson and shoved him up against the wall. "You know, Jack," he whispered menacingly into the prisoner's ear, "this whole time I've been keeping my anger inside of me, not really showing it. Yes, I'm really good at that, you know. Maybe it's the alcohol, it helps. Anyways, you won't be seeing me around anymore, I quit my job. You should be grateful that you're locked up in this cell, and not out in the open where I would hunt you down."

"Screw you, man. What did I ever do to you."

Then Dave realized that Steelson had no idea that Amber was a victim of his actions that day. He was simply going after Curtis and Dave.

"I'm going to tell you what you did in the final minutes of your life. The minutes before I personally kill you. That's right." Dave started backing up, towards the door. "You won't be seeing me around, but this isn't the last time you'll see me, Jack Steelson." He turned around and left the cell, slamming the door on his way out. On the way back to the elevator, he saw some of his colleagues who had watched the scene. Agent Davies, Agent Bishop... Dave wondered if he should say goodbye to them, but opted not to, wanting to leave the Company behind him as soon as possible.

Two years later (2007)

Dave walked up to the small, wrought-iron gate. The hinges creaked loudly as he pushed it open, and stepped into the dirt path that led forward. In his hands, he carried a bouquet of flowers. He kept on walking towards the clearing, scraping away some stray bush at his feet. Then, all of a sudden, his cell phone began to ring.


"Dave Rogers. You're quite difficult to track down."

"I'm sorry, who is this?" The voice sounded strangely familiar, but he couldn't quite place who it was.

"My name's Gabriel Bishop."

Dave couldn't say anything for a long while. It had been two years since he had anything to do with the Company, let alone talked to one of its members.

"What do you want?"

"I'm not with the Company anymore, Dave. I am requesting a personal favor."

"Why should I help you?"

"You haven't heard, have you? About what happened yesterday. Level 5's electrical grid went out. All the prisoners escaped. Your little Jack Steelson notwithstanding."

Once again, Dave was left speechless.

"Now if you want your revenge, Dave, this could be your only chance. With my powers, I can help you find Steelson before the Company recaptures him. All you have to do is this little favor. Break one of my friends out of prison. With your ability, that should be a piece of cake."

"I can't do that alone, Gabriel. My power's not strong enough to --"

"Two other specials are going to accompany you. I'm going to tell them that you're my good friend from the Company."

Dave looked at the gravestone that lay before him. He placed the bouquet of flowers atop it, and carefully caressed the ground under which Amber Myers's body laid. A strange feeling welled up inside him, a feeling that he had been burying for the past two years. It was the feeling of unfinished business that needed taking care of.

"We both know this isn't a friendly favor, Gabriel. I help you out with this, and you hold up your end of the deal."

"Meet me tomorrow, at noon, at Waterloo Station in London."


But Gabriel had already hung up. Dave slowly lowered the phone and placed it back in his pocket. Then he stood up and turned to the gravestone. "I'll be back when it is done, Amber."

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