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This article archives the history of Officer Bonkin during Volume Two. For more about Officer Bonkin, see the main article.

Character History

Veni Vidi Expugnavi

Officer Bonkin is called into Consuela's office, she asks him about his time working with the Cockney Heroes. Later he is walking down a corridor with Consuela when they find out Derek and Irony have escaped.

Déjà Vu

Officer Bonkin walks into Consuela's office again, where they discuss the recent explosion and how to manage the rest of the prisoners without the ability-negating drugs. At this moment, Bobby radios Bonkin, telling him that Obadiah has died. Bonkin leaves to investigate the situation.

Shattered Lives

As Daniel Schneider attempts to bring down the prison, Bonkin charges at him to try and prevent this. Daniel uses his ability on Bonkin, giving him immense mental pain. After Daniel is killed, Bonkin and Bobby talk with Consuela and learn that they have all been fired. Wanting revenge, the three of them head towards the warehouse to fight the escaped evolved humans.

The Wanderer Returns

Consuela, Bobby, and Bonkin walk away from the warehouse, contemplating ways to maintain their jobs. Irony, Derek and Tyler all try to stop them and Bobby is killed when Gabriel returns. Consuela orders Bonkin to kill Gabriel, but he turns on her instead. However, the gun is not loaded, and Consuela shoots both Gabriel and Bonkin. Irony, Derek, and Tyler rush over to a writhing Bonkin, but Consuela has escaped.

Midas Touch

Two days ago, Officer Bonkin leads a special police force to a bank being robbed by suspected prison escapees. However he is too late, and due to Ladzaro's ability, Shark's gang escape.

Kill or Be Killed

Bonkin, having recovered from his wounds, leads the prison guards who were fired to the docks, where they encounter the Cockney Heroes, after revenge. They capture Tyler and Irony. Irony is shocked that Bonkin would kill his former friend, but before Bonkin can fire, Frederick attacks him and the guards. Irony then picks up Bonkin's pistol and shoots him.

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