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Requiem of a Prison Break
Exposed Future.jpg

Volume: One
Number: 106
Planned by: Irony
Written by: Irony
Edited by: Laughingdevilboy
Airdate: April 25, 2009
Previous Episode: Company Men
Next Episode: Jack the Ripper

The Story

"Derek, this is Dave," said Irony. "He is a friend of Gabriel's from his Company days, he has a nifty ability that Gabriel thought would help us rescue Abigail."

"Hi there, I hope I can help. So how are we going to get in?”

“Well, Gabriel and I have been doing some research. It seems that the only guards they have are not very bright and seem to be the ones that are not very good at their job. But there are only a few of them, ten max.”

“That’s strange,” replied Dave, ”high security prison, hardly any guards?”

“What’s stranger,” replied Derek, “is that there have been a quite a few breakout attempts recently and none were successful. It seems that every person on every breakout was found to be running down the same corridor, until the police and guards came in and captured them. Each one said they went round in circles, all 26 of the prisoners that tried to break out said they all went round and round.”

“So you think there is an EV helping them?” questioned Dave.

“That’s what we were thinking; we really need you to paralyse the guards with your ability, so if the EV's ability requires close contact, then I should be able to stop him. But otherwise we will need Derek to electrocute him,” elaborated Irony, while pulling into the prison in a new stolen car.

“Right, let’s go.” They walked up to the guard at the front desk. “Hi, we’re here to visit Abigail Grisby”, said Dave.

“Visiting hours have finished, no visitors after 3 o’clock. Come back tomorrow.”

"Well that’s a shame," said Dave, pointing his finger at the guard and using his ability, “I guess that you are just going to wait here, while we go in and see her."

“What cell is Abigail in?” demanded Dave.

"What have you done to me?" replied the officer.

"Tell him what cell or my friend here can do a lot worse!" replied an angered Irony, pointing at Derek as he created some electricity in his hand.

“OK, she's on the fourth floor, in cell 72,” said the scared officer.

“Where do the people get trapped?” asked Derek.

“In the second corridor, after the entrance.”

“As soon as we think we’ve seen something twice, we need to stop and find who’s doing it.” They went past the paralyzed police officer and entered the stairwell. "Remember, it is this floor that is the one that people get trapped on," shouted Dave as they reached the second floor. As they were walking down the corridor, Derek noticed a plaque which he’d seen before. He nudged Irony and Dave, and said, “I think the EV is around. I have already seen that plaque. We don’t know what his power is but we’ve been here before.”

“Keep on going, but keep your eyes open, look for him,” replied Irony.

After five minutes, Dave whispered, “stop, look at cell two, he's looking at us, and he has got a gun.”

“I don't think I can use my power on him from here. I know I am going to see if I can blast my power, but you two will be weakened like the EV so be weary. We need to focus on getting to Abigail. Hopefully he will follow us when he regains his strength so we can take him down and get out of this place. But after I do this I won’t be able to use my power at all because I will need to recharge.” Irony took a few breaths of air, he then raised his arms and focused with all his might and released a blast of ability-diminishing light. It spread out a massive flare of orange into the corridor weakening all of them.

“Come on, run! We need to get to Abigail,” shouted Derek as they ran to the staircase.

“How long does this thing work for?" questioned Dave.

"I don't know, I haven't done this before. Maybe one minute, two max, I think it will depend on how strong the EV is,” shouted Irony as they reached the fourth floor.

“We’re here,” replied a relieved Dave. "Now let's find Abigail".

“So Irony, do you have any idea what is power is?”

“Well me and Gabriel were thinking illusion, but as he needs to stay so close I am thinking it could be probability manipulation,” replied Irony.

“What’s probability manipulation?” asked Derek.

“I am not sure, but I know it gives the user the ability to control and manipulate the probability of something. That means he can control which way we go and will make sure that there is an overwhelming possibility that we go the same way, all the time."

"Wow that's powerful, so he can make people do almost anything?"

"Yes, so as soon as you see him use your ability, if you pause he will make the probability that you can't move very high, so be careful.”

“Wait,” said Dave suddenly, “let's think about this, the EV isn’t in a cell. That means he must be following us. If we just turn around a wait a few seconds, he’ll draw closer and you can stop him.”

As he was saying this, the evolved human turned the corner. Derek lifted his arm to electrocute him, but the man turned and made the probability that Derek would miss and hit Irony very high. So when Derek sent his electricity towards the man, it hit a metal table and was sent straight into Irony’s chest. Derek tried again, but the man made him miss, constantly. While the man was focusing on Derek, Dave pointed at him and he became paralysed, but as he was hitting the floor he made the probability that he could hit the fire alarm sign and reached out and hit the fire alarm causing water to spray down rapidly from the ceiling.

“Dave!” called Irony, "help me up, Derek’s electricity packed a punch but I think I’ll still be able to move.”

"Ahhhhh!" screamed Derek.

“Irony, Derek has been electrocuted. He used his ability just as the sprinklers came on; he looks in really bad shape.”

”We’ll have to carry him, lets just get to Abigail before any more guards come.” As there was a suspected fire, all the cell doors had been opened, so all the prisoners had escaped, but Abigail had stayed behind, encased in a force field.

“Abigail!” yelled Dave, “we need to get you out.”

“Put that wall in a force field!” bellowed Irony. “Then let it go; it should be enough to make the wall collapse and give us an escape route”. Abigail did as Irony said, causing half of the wall in her cell to fall through. “Now, put us all in a force field and we’ll all jump out of the wall, but we need to be quick, guards will be looking for us.” Abigail put everyone in a force field and they jumped out of the cell, escaping to their car.

Meanwhile, back in the prison the guard was being resuscitated after hitting his head on the floor. “One, two, three, clear! One, two, three, clear!" shouted the first aider.

"Come on Andy, you're the bast damn cop we have!" cried the sergeant. But after five minutes the first aider was getting nowhere. "Stop, he’s dead, there’s nothing we can do.”

But as Andy was being moved to a body bag, his eyes opened and he whispered, “Jack the Ripper...”

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