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Patrick Simmonds
Patrick Simmonds.jpg
First appearance Derek Simmonds, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability Red Lightning
Age 41
Date of birth 1966
Significant other formerly Felicity Simmonds (deceased)
Child Derek Simmonds

Patrick Simmonds is Derek Simmonds's father, who abandoned him at a young age.

Character History

Derek Simmonds, Part 1

Patrick and his wife give birth to Derek Simmonds, but his wife dies during childbirth. Patrick is deeply saddened, but doesn't know that her death was due to Derek's special ability. He later abandons Derek, giving him away to live with Derek's aunt, Julie. Derek scorns Patrick for not loving him, but accepts the situation and moves on.

Derek Simmonds, Part 3

Patrick returns to help his son. He uses his ability to zap and incapacitate the agents who were chasing Derek. Then, he tells Derek to run. As Derek runs away from the scene, he wonders why his father came back for him.

Evolved Human Abilities

Patrick has the ability to shoot beams of red lightning. He has used this ability to zap Agent Doe and Agent Parker, causing them both to convulse and fall unconscious. (Derek Simmonds, Part 3)

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