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Dave Rogers, Part 2
The Flood
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Chapter: One
Number: 102
Planned by: Radicell
Written by: Radicell
Airdate: June 22, 2009
Previous Chapter: Dave Rogers, Part 1
Next Chapter: Dave Rogers, Part 3

The Story

"Amber," asked a bewildered Dave Rogers, "what the hell are you doing here?"

"C'mon, Dave, it's Australia! We haven't gotten a lot of quality time together, I thought I would come surprise you! How longs this conference, Dave? Maybe afterwards, we could stay a while longer and... enjoy ourselves."

"Amber, you don't understand. It is dangerous here, you must leave now."

Amber paid no attention to Dave's words, instead, she walked over to Curtis. "You must be Dave's client! So nice to meet you, I'm Dave's girlfriend, we've --"


"What, Dave? I'm not important enough to come visit you at 'work'?" She looked at Curtis, then back at Dave, "you are at work, aren't you?"

"Amber, it's not safe here. You have to go back to New York. I will explain everything when I get back, but right now --"

Suddenly, a scream was heard from one of the other patrons at the cafe. The woman jumped upwards from her seat. The other patrons looked downwards and noticed it too, as did Curtis, Dave, and Amber. There was a pool of water at their feet, and it was welling upwards at an alarming rate. It was already up to Dave's ankle, and he could feel the coldness of the water in his shoes. "Steelson..." Dave muttered under his breath.

"What's going on, Dave?" asked Amber, slightly panicked.

Curtis got up and began wading through the water, which was already up to his knees when he stood up. "This isn't good," he said. "We're supposed to be hunting the guy down, but he's attacking us while staying hidden, so we can't find him."

Ignoring Amber, Dave stood up as well, assessing the situation. "I can't paralyze him if I can't see him. We're in the basement too, we best get all of these people out of here, or they're going to drown." Then, he turned to Amber, "Amber, go up that escalator, head to the airport, and be on the next flight home, okay? I will explain everything, but right now, you have to go."


The water was waist-height already, and the patrons of the basement cafe were screaming in terror. Some of them had come to their senses and were heading for the escalator. Dave grabbed Amber and they waded through the water, with Amber sprinting up the stalling escalator's steps as soon as they reached it. "I love you, I'll call you soon," said Dave.

Thinking that Amber was safe, Dave turned around to begin helping the other patrons escape from Steelson's attack, but he did not anticipate what happened next. From the opening into which the escalator ascended, came crashing a torrent of water, which flew into the basement, crashing into people and walls until it dissipated. Water was now at chest level, and to Dave's horror, he saw that Amber was hit by the wave, and had been knocked back down into the flooding basement. She was desperately treading water, as were all the other cafe patrons. "Everybody calm down!" yelled Dave over the screams.

"How the hell is he generating so much water?!" asked Curtis, who now had to tiptoe just to stand upright.

"He's not," said Dave, pointing at a logo posted on the cafe's wall. "Sydney Seaside Mall," he read. Then he dipped his finger into the water, and tasted it. "As I expected."

"Steelson is throwing seawater in here?"

"He's determined to kill us, that guy's got some revenge on his mind. You better start telling people to swim, I have to go help Amber."

And so, Dave swam over to his struggling girlfriend, but she was nowhere to be found. Dave began swimming around furiously, looking for Amber, the panic in his heart growing with every passing second. Meanwhile, Curtis yelled at the top of his lungs for everyone to swim for the escalator. He told them to hold on tight to the handrails, since more waves of seawater could be coming. Slowly, the screaming ladies and panicked men settled and began swimming for their lives, and one by one shuffling up the escalator's stairs, holding tightly onto the handrails.

But Curtis was right, Steelson did indeed have a further attack planned. Standing at the plaza in the mall's ground floor, Steelson summoned seawater from the shores with a flick of his hand, which came flooding in through the shattered plate-glass windows. He directed it downwards, into the basement. From inside the basement, Curtis saw the second wave of seawater coming, and instinctively held up his hand, using air currents to keep the water from falling down.

"Alright, Dave! We have to stop him now! I think he's right on the ground floor, if we rush upwards, pushing the wall of water back, we can reach him and you can paralyze him!"

"I can't find Amber!" came Dave's distant reply.

"Forget her, Dave, we'll find her after we stop Steelson!"

"I can't leave the basement until she's safe!"

But Dave was helpless as Curtis, devoted to his job, used his ability to swoop Dave out of the water and into the air. He landed with a splash right next to Curtis, who said, "Amber will be fine. Steelson is our first priority. He's dangerous and we have to capture him."

Dave shook the water off of his head, then grabbed Curtis by his wet collar. "Listen to me, Curtis, you never had a family, never had a loved one. I can't lose Amber, not like this. You hear me?"

But there was no reply from Curtis, and Dave looked into his eyes, which were blank and unmoving. From behind, the large wave of water that Curtis was previously holding in place began to fall, crashing down into the basement, raising the water level by another few feet. "Dammit, Curtis!" Dave realized what he had done; in his anger, he had accidentally paralyzed Curtis, which caused Curtis's ability to falter, letting the water fall.

"Son of a bitch!" Dave sprinted up the escalator's stairs, past the confused patrons who were still holding onto the handrails in anticipation of another wave, and up to the ground floor. "Show yourself, Steelson!"

Slowly, the menacing figure emerged from the shadows. "Air versus water, eh? This is going to be fun." Steelson's hands dripped with water, and he raised them in combat position.

Dave did the same movement, at which point Steelson muttered, "wait... you're not the..."

He turned to make a run for it, but Dave had already paralyzed him. He stood in place, unable to move. Outside the mall, sirens were heard, and the many mall patrons that had watched the entire scene breathed out a sigh of relief.

"Amber..." Dave remembered his girlfriend's predicament, still trapped in the ice-cold waters in the basement. He started down the stairs, but the police had already arrived.

"Put your hands up where I can see them!"

That night, in the Hotel Room

"A mysterious flooding occurred today at the Seaside Mall, with seawater from the ocean flooding into the mall's basement. The exact details of why the flooding occurred are unknown. Police have recovered the bodies of two casualties, who were drowned in the flood. The police also discovered two men, paralyzed and unable to move, at the scene. It is unknown if they have anything to do with the flooding. Strangely, when transporting these two men to the precinct, they mysteriously disappeared from the transport van's cells. One of the drowning casualties has been identified as Amber Myers, of New York in America. Police are still trying to ID the second victim, but it is believed that --"

Dave switched the TV shut, and clutched his head, a mixture of angry, sorrowful, and vengeful feelings brewing in his heart.

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