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Part 1 and Part 2 of Mary Rose's Origins arc have been released.

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Mary Rose
Mary Rose.jpg
First appearance Shark of the Streets
In-story stats
Known ability Enhanced Strength
Age 27
Home London, England,
formerly Cardiff, Wales

Mary Rose is an evolved human who is part of Shark's gang. She has the ability of enhanced strength.

Character History

Shark of the Streets

Mary paces around the cafeteria of cell block B, throwing fits of anger. Shark and Mike Douglas get her attention, and she joins them in their escapade. After picking up Sophie Hastings and Ladzaro Venturini, the crew escapes out of the prison using a portal that Ladzaro created. Two hours later, in a penthouse, Mary listens as Shark announces his plan to take over London.

Midas Touch

Mary and the rest of Shark's gang enter a bank; to the panic of the customers, Shark fires his pistol, even killing a young man attempting to escape. As the gang efficiently rob the bank, police arrive, to Shark's dismay. However thanks to Ladzaro's ability, they manage to evade the police and Officer Bonkin.

Shark returns to the penthouse to find that Richard has inconspicuously made a good deal of money, much to Mary's and the gang's annoyance.

As Shark prevents Tara from attacking Richard, Mike attempts to find the outcome of Richard's actions, as Mary and the gang wait the police arrive and Shark has to convince them to leave. A relieved Mary then listen to Mike's latest vision, as Shark decides to go to the warehouse.

Mary Rose, Part 1

Mary is paid a visit by Officer Savage who informs her about a new gang which had been murdering members of other gangs and now is coming after the Foxes gang which Mary belongs to. She goes to the Foxes' unofficial café and meets there Greg, a local doctor, who accompanies her to the apartment of the Foxes' leader Larry. When Mary joins the rest of her fellows and Greg leaves after giving her his brass knuckle duster, they soon learn that the new gang is approaching. Foxes take their positions and attack the enemies; however, they suddenly begin to kill themselves with their own weapons, and Mary's duster injures her hand on its own. She flees and ends up at Greg's apartment. He starts treating her wounds, and Mary tells him about the animated weapons, but Greg doesn't believe her. He puts her into a coma and uses his ability on her.

Mary Rose, Part 2

A week later, Greg and Cyrus, a member of the Fishers gang who had survived a similar attack, arrive at Cyrus's childhood home to hide. A comatose Mary is transported with them inside their van. Greg awakens her, and she recalls the events during the fight, however, Greg is still skeptical about the weapons acting on their own. Mary is convinced in what she saw and goes to see Cyrus to discuss this. She discovers that Cyrus had witnessed the same thing, and he tells her about another surviving Fisher called Tully, who was using a wooden weapon instead of a metal one. Mary realizes that the unknown gang somehow has the power over metal and decides to return and stop them.

Brainwashed by Greg's ability, Cyrus volunteers to help her. He drives the van, but soon has to stop because police had blocked the way. Cyrus decides to fight their way through and kills all the policemen single-handedly. An outraged Mary punches him, and Cyrus flies meters away because of the overwhelmingly strong blow. With an effort of will, Mary forces herself not to be surprised at anything before she finishes her mission, lifts the unconscious Cyrus on her shoulders and heads straight to the van.

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