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This article archives the history of Abigail Grisby during Volume One. For more about Abigail, see the main article.

Character History

How to Stop An Exploding Van

Abigail encases the Cockney Heroes in a force field to stop them getting hurt, they are all then arrested by the police. Abigail is in the police station with the other Cockney Heroes when Irony drains Officer Bonkin's energy.


When the Cockney Heroes are trying to escape Abigail is shot. It is later found out that she deflected the bullet but it hit her arm. She is currently being kept under armed guard.

Requiem of a Prison Break

Abigail is being kept in a prison. Irony, Derek and Dave break in to rescue her. After being chased by an evolved human, they managed to find Abigail. She encases herself, the rescue team and part of the cell in a force field and knocks the wall down to escape. Landing on the floor safely, they all escape unharmed.

Ambush from an Outside Source

Abigail is sat around a table with Claude, Irony, Derek, Gabriel, Jenny, Lee and Officer Bonkin celebrating Jack's demise. She leaves with Lee and Officer Bonkin.

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