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This article archives the history of Consuela Hammock during Volume Two. For more about Consuela, see the main article.

Character History

Veni Vidi Expugnavi

Consuela introduces herself to the inmates on cell block B by informing them that they were their because they are freaks and will be released when project DIBOAHA is ready. Later she calls in Officer Bonkin to her office and questions him about his time working with the Cockney Heroes. After Irony and Derek have escape she tells Bonkin she will look after project DIBOAHA she is then knocked out by Irony when she enters project DIBOAHA cell's.

Shark of the Streets

Consuela informs an incarcerated Shark that his ability is currently inaccessible. Shark angrily drops curse words at Consuela, who leaves.


Karl thinks that Consuela knew about his ability all along and thats why all of the windows were vaccum compressed and bullet proof.

Déjà Vu

After noticing that the prisoners in solitary confinement are escaping, Consuela thwarts their escape plan by trapping them in glass tubes, each designed to counter their occupant's ability. She then meets with Officer Bonkin to inform him that due to the lack of ability-negating drugs, they will begin drugging up the inmates with induced comas. However, later, the prisoners from solitary confinement manage to escape their traps and confront Consuela. A shocked Consuela has her life force drained away by Irony.

Shattered Lives

As the prisoners in her prison escape, Consuela can do nothing but watch. One prisoner, Daniel Schneider, heads to Consuela's office to confront her. He uses his ability to give Consuela splitting headaches, but before he can hurt her further, he is shot and killed by a mysterious woman. Consuela then receives a phone call from her superiors and learns that she's fired. She teams up with her co-workers, Officer Bonkin and Bobby, to get revenge on the escaped prisoners who cost them their jobs.

That night, they head to a warehouse in Islington, where the escapees have convened, following tips from REBEL.

The Wanderer Returns

Consuela, Officer Bonkin, and Bobby are confronted by Irony, Derek, and Tyler. Irony demands to know who shot Leckie, and Bobby grins and says that it was him. As Bobby is about to shoot Irony, he is electrocuted from behind by Gabriel Bishop. Consuela spoils Gabriel's reunion with the Cockney Heroes, and demands Officer Bonkin to shoot Gabriel. Instead, Bonkin aims at Consuela and shoots, but fires an empty round. Consuela reveals that the gun was never loaded, and proceeds to shoot Gabriel in the head, as well as Bonkin in the chest. Then, as the Cockney Heroes tend to Officer Bonkin's wounds, she disappears into the shadows.

Kill or Be Killed

As the Cockney Heroes attempt to destroy the drugs at the docks, Elizabeth runs to Irony, telling him that Consuela has arrived and asks what they should do, but is cut off mid-sentence.

The Die Is Cast

Dave paralyzes the Cockney Heroes and helps Consuela tie them up. When finished he releases them and explains to a bewlidered Irony that he only helped Gabriel break Abigail out of prison because, he said he would help him find someone but he just dissapeared. Consuela is pleased she manipulated Dave as she did not intend on helping him in their earlier agreement.

She quickly then turns on Dave, and as she is about to shoot Shark's gang appears and to her shock she is sent to Pompeii in 79 AD by Ladzaro. Before she realises where she is, Consuela is killed by the flowing lava.

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