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Curtis Hovsepian
First appearance Dave Rogers, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability Aerokinesis
Date of birth 1984
Home Grants Pass, OR
Occupation Former agent of the Company
Parents Unnamed father (deceased),
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Assignment tracker CO08

Curtis Hovsepian is an agent of the Company. He is an evolved human with the power of Aerokinesis.

Character History

For Curtis Hovsepian's history in Heroes, see the mainspace page.

Dave Rogers, Part 1

Curtis is partnered up with Dave Rogers as part of the Company's new 'two of them, none of us' policy. They embark on their first assignment together in Australia, and Curtis tells Dave that he never really had a family outside of the Company since his parents died when he was 13. After arriving in Australia, Curtis offers Dave pills to counter their jet lag, and then they head to their target, Jack Steelson, who is at the Sydney Community College. However, they underestimate Steelson, who attacks them with a spray of water and runs out of the fire escape. Curtis jumps out the window, using his own ability to let the air carry him and Dave as they "fly" around, searching for Steelson. Just as Dave is about to paralyse Steelson, he runs into a subway station, evading Curtis and Dave.

Later, Curtis and Dave eat lunch in a mall, and Curtis mentions that they really botched the mission up.

Dave Rogers, Part 2

As Dave's girlfriend suprises his partner, she mistakes Curtis for Dave's client. As she begins to grow suspicous of Dave's real job, Jack Steelson returns flooding the mall with sea water.

Curtis and Dave help Amber and others to safety before fighting and eventually paralysing Jack. The pair are then captured but later escape police custody.

Dave Rogers, Part 3

Seeing his partner continuously drinking in the Company watering hole, Curtis tries to talk some sense into Dave. When Dave says that he will be quitting the Company, Curtis tries to dissuade him, but fails.

Evolved Human Abilities

Curtis has the ability to manipulate air and wind currents. He has demonstrated extreme proficiency over his ability, as he managed to get the air to carry him and his partner, and keep them from falling. He was also able to manipulate the air to send him "flying" in any direction he wanted. (Dave Rogers, Part 1)

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