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Déjà Vu
Powers peter phasing escape.jpg

Volume: Two
Number: 205
Planned by: Irony
Written by: Irony
Edited by: Laughingdevilboy
Airdate: 16th June, 2009
Previous Episode: Live Together, Die Alone
Next Episode: Sliding Doors

The Story

“Now,” replied Karl and Irony simultaneously, “we escape.”

“That’s all well and good,” said Leckie, “but, we’re four people, we can’t use our abilities, and we’re stuck in here.”

“How long will they keep us here?” asked Derek.

“Well me and Leckie have been here for about three weeks so they we will keep us here as long as they want,” replied Karl.

“Everyone else has been here for varying amounts of times,” added Leckie.

“Everyone else?” asked Derek.

“Everyone else, there are another five of us in solitary confinement, three in one cell, two in another,” replied Karl. “Alex Douglas, Chris Rowland, KC, Michael Dunkirk, Stuart Harrison. They’re all special, just like us. “

“There is Alex who can wipe data from any electrical system, and Chris can make change the temperature of an object making it freeze or boil in one cell,” said Leckie. “Then there is KC who changes forms of energy into other forms, Stuart who can turn things into stone momentarily or permanently, and then there is Michael who has a strange ability, he can alter other people’s abilities, he can totally change them or change certain aspects of the ability, he can do what he wants.”

Meanwhile, Officer Bonkin was walking into Consuela’s office.

“You wanted to see me?” he asked.

“Yes... I need a report on the project,” replied Consuela with a scared tone to her voice.

“Well he is still unconscious so we cannot use adrenaline, all we can do is harvest,” replied Bonkin.

“Start moving the prisoners onto the drugs that America has been using, we tried keeping this humane but now it looks like we have no choice. We will order the drugs and start with the most dangerous ones and make out way to the less dangerous,” said Consuela with a worried tone in her voice.

“What about Obadiah?” asked Bonkin.

“Who? Oh him, as soon as all the other freaks are drugged up we drug him up too,” replied Consuela.

“Boss... come in, Bonkin,” crackled Bonkin’s radio.

“Yes, what is it? I am with the top boss,” replied Bonkin.

“It’s Obadiah, he has died,” replied Bobby, a security guard.

Consuela and Bonkin looked at each other both clearly agitated with this news.

“I’m on my way,” said Bonkin.

As Bonkin left Consuela picked up the phone, “I need as much of Drug X as you can. I need it sent here immediately!” screamed Consuela down the phone.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN, THREE WEEKS! WE NEED IT NOW!” shouted Consuela before hanging up.

Three weeks later, in solitary confinement...

Karl was sat in the cell clearly annoyed; he waved his hand trying to make something happen.

“What are you doing?” asked a curious Derek.

“He is trying to retrieve his journal,” replied Leckie for Karl.

“How does he do that?” asked Irony.

“He seems to be able to move certain objects through the air, but he doesn’t use that aspect of his ability he only uses it on that journal,” replied Leckie.

“I can only move the journal through the air,” Karl interrupted. “I think it is because I have a connection with it.” As he was saying this he waved his hand not expecting anything to happen when an old leather bound journal appeared in his hand.

“What the...” exclaimed Leckie, Irony and Derek.

“Looks like our abilities are back,” said Karl with a huge grin on his face while he flicked through the journal.

Derek produced a ball of lightning in his hand and sent it at the door, the door was overloaded and the door unlocked.

“Derek, do that to the rest,” shouted Irony. “Leckie, Karl come on let’s get out of here!”

Karl made the journal disappear and joined Irony, Derek, and Leckie, with the added escapees KC, Chris, Michael, Stuart and Alex.

"Right Karl, turn us into air and get us out of here," said Irony

"I can't," replied Karl. "There is too many of us, we need to get out the old fashion way, through the door."

“Right, OK then, erm... Derek hit that door with all you got and then we can escape,” shouted an excited Irony.

“That won’t work,” said Karl out of the blue.

“Yeah it will,” said Irony, “go for it Derek.”

Derek hit the door with his electricity but nothing happened. He tried again but nothing.

“How did you know?” asked a confused Irony.

“It was just a hunch that if for whatever reason we got our abilities back they wouldn’t make it easy for us to get out. So they used a normal bolt door with an air lock,” replied Karl.

“So what do we do now?” asked KC, but as she was saying that there was a torrent of air that came shooting out off the walls, which meant Karl couldn’t diffuse into air and kept the nine of them standing in their place. Then a siren blasted into their ears.

“All guards to Sector Nine, solitary confinement, there has been a breach the prisoners SC 1 to 9 are escaping.”

“We don’t have much time,” said Irony, “we need to get past that door.” But as he said this, Consuela’s voice screeched down the microphone.

“Implement section SC 1 to 9 controls, they mustn’t breech the prison walls.” A second after she said this, a flurry of things happened at once. White noise was played into the room, stunning everyone. Then nine glass tubes fell from the ceiling and captured each of them in a separate one.

Insulation foam was fed into Chris’s tube so he couldn’t manipulate any heat. KC’s tube was pumped full of a gas which made her fall asleep. Stuart’s and Derek’s tubes were pumped full of water so Derek would electrocute himself and Stuart would make himself stuck if they used their abilities. Michael’s and Irony’s tubes didn’t have anything done to them as their abilities could not affect the hardened glass. Alex’s tube was magnetized so he couldn’t interfere with any electrical equipment. Karl’s tube was air-tight and fireproof, meaning he couldn’t escape with his air ability or melt the glass. Leckie’s tube was different; though it looked like glass it was very thick and heavy and lined with lead so he couldn’t see what was going on and couldn’t break the glass or move the tube.

Meanwhile, in Consuela’s office

“Ha ha ha,” laughed Consuela while looking at monitor and controlling all the tubes. “I am so glad we installed this so we can capture who we want and to add the desired effect to the tube, now their abilities are useless and now they will sleep.”

“We will move in as soon as they are knocked out, ma’am,” said Bonkin.

“Good, start pumping in the gas. They will be knocked out in no time. I am off to supervise the drugging of the last freaks.”

Back in solitary confinement

“This is starting to become real annoying real fast,” said Karl.

“What else can we do? None of us can escape,” replied Michael sleepily.

“We escape,” replied Karl with a grin. He closed his eyes and then he disappeared, leaving only a hole where he once stood.

“How did he do that?” exclaimed Stuart as the earth opened up and Karl appeared again.

“That was part of my earth aspect, one I rarely use and only when it needs to be used. Now let’s escape,” he said as he sent a jet of fire at Derek’s tube releasing him “a little help here.”

“Certainly,” replied Derek while firing bolts of electricity at the remaining tubes.

“Alex!” shouted Irony as he stepped out of his tube. “You need to wipe the data from their system, if we can stop this, we could stand a chance of escaping.”

“I’ll try,” said Alex, “but I’ve never tried accessing anything remotely, this could go massively wrong.”

“You have to try to just wipe everything, everything you can find, wipe it all,” shouted Irony. After a few seconds, Alex’s eyes turned black, with bright white lines, almost as if it were an x-ray, and then he breathed out suddenly and everything stopped. The white noise, the siren and the air jets all became silent and still.

“We need to move now,” shouted Derek. “Can you think of any way to get out?”

“Actually I can,” said Irony. “Chris, you can create or remove heat, right?” said Irony.

“Yes,” Chris replied, “I can manipulate the temperature of objects, giving or taking heat. But I need to touch the object.”

“OK,” said Irony, “Michael if you change Chris’s ability so that he doesn’t need to touch the object, that will help, but, I know this might be stretching it, but make him produce as many types of energy as possible, light, heat, sound anything. Now KC, can you change any form of energy to radioactivity energy?”

“Yes I can change it into radioactivity,” said KC, “to break the doors down, but you realise how much energy that will take?”

“Can I help?” asked Leckie.

“If you can channel my energy to the door, when I say, it will help,” replied Irony. “Right everyone know their jobs?”

Irony told them exactly what to do. Leckie turned towards the door and put his hands together, he clapped his hands and then a beam of seismology hit the door, causing it to shudder. “Michael do it now!” he shouted and Michael grabbed Chris’s shoulder he focused his energy and then Chris screamed, he exuded thermal energy at the door making it heat up, but after a few seconds he scream became so loud it deafened them and his eyes, opening for a second became bright and glowed as bright as a million torches.

“KC, is this enough energy? Can you do it?”

“I can try,” she replied as she closed her eyes and absorbed the energy coming from Chris and then directed radioactive energy towards the door after a few seconds of shuddering, the door gave way.

They ran out of solitary confinement and started running down corridors. Michael turned around. “Guys, they have guns!” he shouted. They ran quicker, trying to find an exit; they ran to a door which Karl melted.

“Karl you can create water right?” Irony said as Karl nodded. “Create a jet into the doorway. Then, Stuart, turn it into stone.”

“OK,” replied Stuart and Karl as Karl proceeded to create a torrent of water aimed at the melted door and Stuart touching the torrent turning it into stone and blocking the doorway. But as this was being done, Bobby burst in through the other door and started shooting at the escapees.

Irony pushed Derek, who had just skimmed the bullet, out of the way and grabbed Bobby's shoulder, draining him until he was unconscious. However, he was too late for Stuart who had been hit straight through the heart.

They escapees stood still for a few moments taking in what had happened. Irony said, “we need to leave now! Or we will all end up like that.” He made everyone move through the door into another room, that looked like an office, just as Consuela was entering with her coffee.

“WHAT!!!” she screamed as she dropped her coffee. “How did you... but you were in... I put you too sleep...”

“Shut up,” said Irony as he grabbed her and drained her energy. “You have a really annoying voice.”

“What do we have here?” said Karl looking at a monitor “Seems the rest of the prisoners have been drugged, I bet they are kept on a system for making sure they are under,” he finished while turning round and looking at Alex. “Care to do your thing?”

“Certainly,” he said and he eyes turned colour and he wiped the system controlling the drugs. Slowly the drugs stopped being administered and the prisoners started waking up.

“That’s our cue,” said Leckie.

“Allons-y!” shouted Chris as they ran out of the door.

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