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Amber Myers
Amber Myers.JPG
First appearance Dave Rogers, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death 2005
Significant other Dave Rogers

Amber Myers was the girlfriend of Company agent Dave Rogers.

Character History

Dave Rogers, Part 1

Dave Rogers, after finding out that his new assignment will be in Australia, phones Amber to tell her that he will be away for a few days, claiming that he, as a lawyer, has to accompany his client at a conference. Dave's partner, Curtis, laughs at Dave's excuse, and pities Amber at being left in the dark of Dave's real job.

A few days later, in Sydney, Australia, Amber approaches Dave as he has lunch with Curtis. A shocked Dave asks Amber what she's doing.

Dave Rogers, Part 2

A seemingly delighted Amber tells Dave that she's after some quality time together and that they're in Australia. Mistaking Curtis for Dave's client, she introduces herself until an annoyed Dave interrupts.

As Dave tells her to get back to New York, avoiding Amber's question about whether it was actually Dave's work, she begins to get suspicious. Suddenly a scream and unexpected flooding in the mall cause Amber to start panicking. As the water level increases, Amber agrees to run away up an escalator and take the next flight home from the airport.

Later it is revealed on the news that Amber was one of two casualties that did not escape the flooding.

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