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Forcefield Projection
Forcefield Projection.jpg
Abigail generates a forcefield.
Held by: Abigail Grisby
Ability to: Project forcefields

Forcefield Projection is the ability to erect protective forcefields and manipulate them at will.



Abigail has demonstrated this ability on two occasions, on the first, Abigail created a forcefield which encased the inside of a van, in which she managed to protect Gsbriel, Claude, Derek and Irony (How to Stop an Exploding Van). Abigail has also shown that when she creates a forcefield, she can cut through an object, as she did with a wall of her cell, which allowed her to escape from orison (Requiem of a Prison Break). Abigail also also been shown to use this ability as a battering ram, as she does with a company agent (Live Together Die Alone).

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