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Tara Hoffmann
Tara Hoffmann.jpg
First appearance Shark of the Streets
In-story stats
Known ability Anatomical Manipulation
Age 19
Date of birth October 5, 1989
Place of birth Utah
Occupation Student
Significant other Clark Richardson
Parents Thomas Hoffmann, Laurie Davis
Sibling Tevin Hoffmann (deceased)
Assignment tracker CO10

Tara Hoffmann is a medical student currently studying at the university of Ithaca. She is the daughter of Thomas Hoffmann and estranged from her mother. She is an evolved human with the ability of anatomical manipulation.

Character History

Shark of the Streets

Tara approaches Shark and Richard Gold, asking about the commotion that is going on in their cell block. She explains that her ability is to make people vomit with willpower. Mike Douglas arrives and informs Tara that her ability will be useful in their escape plan. Tara helps neutralize guards as they make their way across the skywalk connecting the cell blocks. After escaping, Shark recruits Tara into his crew, and announces his plan to take over London.

Midas Touch

Shark and the gang returns to the penthouse from a botched bank job, to find that Richard has inconspicously made a good deal of money, much to Tara's and the gang's annoyance.

As Shark prevents Tara from attacking Richard, Mike attempts to find the outcome of Richard's actions; as Tara and the gang wait, the police arrive and Shark has to convince them to leave. A relieved Tara then listen to Mike's latest vision, as Shark decides to go to the warehouse.

The Die Is Cast

At the underground bunker, Emmett guards the entrance with Eddy. They are taken by surprise as Shark's gang (including Tara) attack and Sophie throws giant white balls of plastic at Emmett and Eddy, which solidifies, trapping them. Eric Cowell then comes out and hypnotizes the gang while Eddy attacks the nervous system of Richard Gold and Mike Douglas. Shark's gang retaliate and Shark pistol whips Eddy, while Sophie sends a plastic ball at Eric. Shark then proceeds to ask Emmett where the rest of the Cockney Heroes are; he does not reply and Shark shoots him in both legs, repeating his question.

Tara and the gang later arrive at the docks and Ladzaro transports a troublesome Consuela away. The two gangs face off and while Tara uses her ability to make the Cockney Heroes hiccup uncontrollably, she is hit by a fireball from Frederick; no sooner has she recovered when Irony uses his ability on Tara and the rest of Shark's gang, knocking them out.

Evolved Human Abilities

Tara has the ability to manipulate any of the systematical functions of the body. She has demonstrated this ability by making others vomit uncontrollably, until they fall unconscious. She has also shown that she is capable of affecting masses of people at once, as she did with the guards in cell block D. (Shark of the Streets)

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