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Daphne Millbrook
South Park Daphne Millbrook.jpg
Portrayed by Brea Grant
First appearance Pinehearst
In-story stats
Known ability Super Speed
Nicknames The Speedster,
Duck-hunting Janice
Gwen Stefani
Date of death 2007
Home New York, NY;
formerly Paris, France;
formerly Lawrence, KS
Residence Apartment in Brooklyn, NY;
formerly Apartment in Paris, France
Occupations Courier,
former Agent of Pinehearst Company,
former thief
Significant other Matt Parkman
Parents Mr. Millbrook,
Mrs. Millbrook (deceased)
Grandparent Daniella
Assignment tracker CH13

Daphne Millbrook was a reformed thief who was recruited into Pinehearst Company. She was an evolved human with the ability to travel at superhuman speeds.

Character History

For information about Daphne Millbrook in Heroes, see the mainspace page.


Daphne runs into the warehouse where the Cockney Heroes are worrying over Abigail being arrested and shot. Daphne offers then the chance to join Pinehearst. She leaves a card and runs away.

Evolved Human Abilities

Daphne had the ability to move at superhuman speed. She has demonstrated her ability twice, the first time running into a warehouse at full speed, and the second time speeding out of the warehouse after she had made her offer to the Cockney Heroes team. (Pinehearst)

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