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Murder at Whitechapel
Father Vance's church.jpg

Volume: One
Number: 108
Planned by: Gabriel Bishop
Written by: Irony
Edited by: Laughingdevilboy
Airdate: May 03, 2009
Previous Episode: Jack the Ripper
Next Episode: Ambush from an Outside Source

Story Development

The next day, Gabriel made his way back to the corner shop to find Jenny, thinking it would be beneficial to have an extra member to the team, to ask her if she would like to join the Cockney Heroes team and learn to control her ability.

Later that night, the Cockney Heroes, with an added member, made their way to Whitechapel. “There’s no one here yet,” said Derek.

“Well according to the 1888 police report, the murder happened at 8 o’clock, to a young blond girl. The only witness was a middle aged woman who heard a scream coming from the other side of the fence,” replied Claude.

“Are we sure this is going to work?” asked an eager Jenny.

“Yes,” said Irony, clearly agitated. “The killer has been keeping to the strictest routines, it will happen now.”

“Ignore him,” said Gabriel, placing his arm around Jenny, “there’s nothing to worry about, the copycat won’t be able to do anything. All we need to do is get Irony near him, and he’s powerless,” he said, walking over to Irony. “What’s the matter?” he asked.

“Nothing, it’s just that I can hear a whispering in my ear, repeating my real name over and over again.” All of a sudden, a shriek came out of nowhere. The Cockney Heroes ran through the alleys, trying to find the source of the shriek. Suddenly the street went silent. A deadly silence.

Finally, they found a woman, lying dead on the ground, with blood everything she looked like she had been ripped in two. “Oh my God,” whispered Derek before being violently sick on the ground. “How did he do this?” he asked.

“Well, judging by how he copies each murder exactly I'd say he has etheric projection, it's the ability to enter anyone's body and learn from them at anytime and any place. So I would say he entered the real Jack the Ripper, and learned the information from him about the murders.” As Claude was saying this, a shadowy figure appeared from nowhere.

“Who are you?” asked Irony.

“Your worst nightmare,” he whispered, “and you're next.”

“Run!” shouted Irony.

As they sprinted back to the Nissan, Jenny looked around and saw the shadowy figure melt into the shadows.

"Watch out, he has an ability that allows him to become shadows!" yelled Jenny.

Gabriel had teleported forward to warn Officer Bonkin. “Go!” shouted Gabriel.

“Why? Didn't you catch him?”

“We don't know what his abilities are, he could be extremely powerful." As he said this, the rest of the team pulled up in their Nissan.

“Get in,” yelled Irony, “he can move through shadows, if you don’t get in soon he’ll kill us!”

They bounded into the car.

“We should split up,” said Bonkin.

“We’re not Scooby Doo,” said Gabriel. “When you’re working with people like that you stick together or you die.”

10:30, the Warehouse

“Do you remember anyone with etheric projection while you were in the company?” asked Irony.

“No,” said Claude, “I can’t think of anyone.”

As he was saying this, the room disappeared and Irony found himself standing in a room with a massive pool of water in it. “What’s going on?!” shouted Irony, “Where am I? Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?” he shouted into the blackness while he was saying this the shadows melded up from the floor and formed Derek, Gabriel, Jenny and Claude wrapped in chains. Then, the shadows melded again, and the man, who appeared to be Jack the Ripper appeared. This was Irony's worst fear; Jack started pushing the Cockney Heroes into the huge pool of water. The first victim was Jenny.

“Who's next, Irony? Will it be Derek, Claude or Gabriel?”

“Stop it!” shouted Irony.

“I am in control now,” he said as he pushed Derek and Claude in together.

“Don’t!” bellowed Irony, but Jack had already pushed Gabriel in.

The team started to drown as Jack mocked Irony. “The only way to stop this is to come over here and kill me.” Irony dashed over and grabbed Jack, he started using his ability. Jack fell down on the floor.

Meanwhile, in the warehouse, Claude, Gabriel, Jenny and Derek were looking at Irony, who was shouting and screaming in front of them.

“What’s happening?” asked Derek.

“Jack is possessing him, the only problem is he could be anywhere. Jack is making him think things that aren't true.”

“Can’t we stop it?” asked Derek.

“No,” replied Gabriel, solemnly. “If we wake him, he might go into shock.”

"It looks like he is living his greatest fear," said Jenny.

"I hope he isn't," replied Claude, "because that could mean our friend Jack has the ability of fear induction. But to use the ability you need to be close to your victim."

"Come on Bonkin, we will check out side," said Derek.

Back in Irony's dream, Irony was bent over Jack draining his ability, he used every ounce of his power that he had left, after about 40 seconds, he had removed Jack’s power completely and his power was having the same effect that it did on Bonkin, his eyes shrunk, his skin shriveled and his brain went into recession; he couldn’t move at all.

At the same time in the warehouse, Irony was bent over Gabriel draining his ability, he used every ounce of his power that he had left, after about 40 seconds he had removed Gabriel’s power completely and his power was having the same effect that it did on Bonkin, his eyes shrunk, his skin shrivelled and his brain went into recession; he couldn’t move at all he was dying.

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