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Ambush from an Outside Source
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Volume: One
Number: 109
Planned by: Gabriel Bishop
Written by: Laughingdevilboy
Edited by: Irony
Airdate: May 09, 2009
Previous Episode: Murder at Whitechapel
Next Episode: Veni Vidi Expugnavi

The Story

“Aarrgghh!” shrieked Gabriel, in severe pain.

“Stop it! You’re killing him!” screamed Jenny.

“He can’t stop,” replied a panicked Claude, “Jack’s got him, he’s not in control; we need to find a way to stop him or he could kill Gabriel.” Claude took in what is happening for a few moments, but seeing how much pain Gabriel was in, he couldn't take it anymore. He ran to the fireplace and grabbed his gun. "I am sorry Irony, but it has to be done," said Claude, moments before he smashed the gun into Irony, knocking him out.

“Right, Jack's gone,” said Claude, solemnly, “he can’t stay in unconscious beings, they have to be conscious or dead.” Just then, Derek and Officer Bonkin returned. "You missed all the fun," said Claude.

"This isn't the time to be sarcastic, Claude!" yelled a worried Jenny.

"What on earth happened?" asked Bonkin.

"Our friend Jack is more powerful than we thought," replied Claude.

“We need to get them to hospital, but what are we going to tell them?” asked Derek.

“Anything, just say they got into a fight,” replied Claude. “We just need to help them.”

Three days later, at St. Grays Hospital

“How is he?” asked Jenny.

“He’s still out of it,” said Claude. “He hasn't been awake since Monday and Irony’s been on and off. I think it just depends on his medication but hopefully he’ll be up soon.”

“This should never have happened,” said Bonkin, “I should never have let this happen, after hunting dangerous criminals, I should have recognised when it is too dangerous a situation.”

“It’s not your fault,” said Jenny.

"Unfortunately, I have the feeling that Irony's ability may do some lasting damage," said Derek.

"I agree, Irony's ability allows him to diminish an ability, but he has never let his ability stay on a person for so long; Gabriel may lose all of his abilities," replied Claude.

“Well I don't care, shouldn't him surviving and being all right have more precedence over his abilities?”

“What's going on?”, said a voice from behind them.

“You’re up, Irony,” said Derek.

“How are you? Do you feel alright?” asked Jenny.

“I’m okay, but what was that about Gabriel? I have taken his abilities away?”

“Well, you used your power on him so much, they could be gone for good.”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the hospital, Gabriel’s ex-company partner Frederick was walking down the road to the hospital. Suddenly, he stopped. "What on earth?" he thought. "Owls? Owls in the day time! I hate owls, they're my worst fear," he shivered but was close to the hospital doors so sped up and thought nothing more of it. But when he entered the hospital, the shadows moved around him, until one turned into a man. "What th...." was all Frederick could say before Jack possessed him.

Back in Irony's hospital room, Claude, Jenny, and Derek still surrounded Irony’s bed. Officer Bonkin had to leave, as there had been another murder. The remaining members stayed to keep Irony company and to calm him down after the realisation that Gabriel could lose all of his abilities. "It will be fine," said Jenny.

"He will come to terms with it," replied Derek.

"But I took away the one thing he loved, his ability."

"There was nothing you could have done, Irony. You were possessed by the fake Jack the Ripper, you had no control," replied Claude.

"I think someone should go sit with him, he might wake up."

"I will go," replied Jenny. "It's only opposite, so I will shout if he wakes up." Jenny made her way across the hallway to Gabriel's room, where he lay with wires and tubes coming off him. Jenny sat in the chair next to him and read a magazine.

"I think you should get some more rest, Irony," said a worried Derek and Claude.

"I am fine, I have had enough rest lately," he replied. Just then all the lights went off. "What's going on?"

"I don't know, but I don't like it," replied Claude.

"Don't hospitals have back up generators?" asked Derek; as he said it the light came back on.

"Did you miss me?" asked a familiar voice.

"Frederick? how did you get in here? the door was shut."

"I used my new ability."

"What ability? Your ability is pyrokinesis."

"I think we have a problem, that isn't Frederick, it's Jack!" shouted Claude as he turned invisible.

"Die!" shouted Derek as he sent an electricity bolt flying at Frederick, who simply disappeared into the shadows. Suddenly a fireball went hurtling towards Derek who was hit. Irony couldn't do anything, he was too tired to use his ability. As Derek lay on the floor he turned invisible.

"Claude, you may be able to turn invisible but I will find you," mocked Jack as Irony turned invisible as well.

Jenny heard the commotion and knew something was wrong. "We need help," she whispered to herself while looking at a comatose Gabriel. "There's only one thing I can do."

As she was talking to herself, Derek had regained consciousness and was standing with Claude and Irony as Jack threw fireballs around the room. Derek sent a ball of lighting at Frederick, hitting him in the chest and electrifying him. Frederick fell to the floor, seemingly unconscious. Claude released Derek and Irony and went to see if Frederick was alright. "I can see two problems," said Claude. "One, Jack has a new power and two, he could be anyone."

"We best go check and see if Jenny is OK," said a worried Derek. Just as they were going to leave, Frederick regained consciousness and disappeared into the shadows.

"How did that happen?" shouted Irony. "It seems I underestimated Jack's etheric projection, he can possess anyone in any state from any time."

"Well that's just great, how on earth are we meant to beat him?"

"Irony, you stay here, I have a feeling he is after Gabriel," said Claude. "Derek, come with me, you are the only one with an ability we can use in both offense and defense."

"Who's there?" asked Jenny as she saw the shadows move; there was no answer. Just as she turned to face Gabriel, Jack appeared in the room. Jenny screamed and Claude and Derek burst in through the door. Derek started throwing electricity as Jack once again disappeared.

"We need help!" shouted Claude.

"Help is on it's way," replied Jenny as she put her hand in Gabriel's.

"What do you mean?" queried Derek, but as he said it, Jack appeared behind him and Gabriel started screaming. Jenny held Gabriel down while she activated his ability. Meanwhile, Claude had been struck and laid on the floor while Derek was wildly throwing electricity at Frederick.

"What is happening?" asked a sedated Gabriel.

"You're awake!" yelled Jenny. "We need your help, Jack's back."

"What? Why can't I stop time?" said Gabriel, concentrating. Yet, nothing happened. "Why isn't my ability working?"

"Hurry up, he is too strong!" yelled Derek.

"I don't know," replied Jenny. "Try a different ability." As this armistice was ending, Irony had become impatient and hurried to Gabriel's room, though weak, he knew he had to do something. As Irony was making his way to the room, Gabriel looked around, he saw Jenny, the frightened teen trying to get to grip with her ability, Claude, the protective adult desperately trying to protect evolved humans from the Company and Derek, finally able to use his ability, trying to save everyone in vain. Irony burst through the door as Derek was again hit by a fireball and again lay unconscious next to Claude.

"Stop hurting my friends!" yelled Irony before grabbing Frederick's arm and started draining his power.

"Stop, Irony, you aren't strong enough!" yelled Jenny. Suddenly, a bolt of lighting hit Frederick and Irony. Irony fell on the floor but Frederick went flying out of the window.

"I found an ability that works," laughed Gabriel.

Three weeks later, in the warehouse

Abigail, Lee, Derek, Jenny, Irony, Claude, Gabriel and Officer Bonkin all sat round having a party. "Three weeks and no sign of Jack," they all sang.

"You truly are heroes," said Bonkin. "If I have any of your kind of trouble, I know who to call."

"And we will answer," replied Claude. As they called it a night, Bonkin asked a question that had been bothering him for some time. "Gabriel, what is your new power?"

"Erm... I think I have a mixture of intuitive aptitude and empathic mimicry, I can learn an ability through empathy and know how to use it straight away, I call it 'intuitive empathy'."

"So what abilities do you have?"

"I have Derek's, Jenny's, and Claude's; for some reason I can't get Irony's".

"Well thanks for clearing that up, goodnight." Officer Bonkin, Abigail, and Lee left the others to clean up.

"Could someone close the window?" asked Derek, "I'm freezing".

"Wait a minute," said Irony, "nobody opened the window."

"Arrrrrrgh!" shouted Gabriel.

"What was that?" questioned Derek as a ball of electricity appeared in his hand.

"Gabriel!" yelled Jenny as she was hit with a taser. It suddenly went quiet.

"I really don't like this," said Claude as he turned invisible. "I am going to investigate." Just then, Irony and Derek fell to the floor. Claude remained hidden, he knew the only way he could save them now was to get help.

End of Volume One

Volume Two: Baptism of Fire

"Where am I?" questioned a disorientated Richard.

"You're in prison, or at least I think it is," replied a mysterious man. "What you in for?"

"What do you mean, I haven't done anything."

"I didn't ask what you have done, I am asking what you can do. Everyone who is captured can do something extraordinary."

"I don't know what you mean."

"Don't play dumb, anyways, your ability can't be that harmful as you're not drugged up, they save that for the dangerous ones. Look, I can replicate objects," said the man. As the man said this, he picked up the food tray on the floor and made an exact copy of it.

"Wow," Richard said, as he took the replicated food tray and turned it into gold.

"Now that's an ability, what I could do with a man like you in my gang. I'm Shark."

"I'm Richard."

"How nice, you two can become best friends," said a voice from the shadows.
To Be Continued

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