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Abigail Grisby
Abigail Grisby.jpg
First appearance How to Stop an Exploding Van
In-story stats
Known ability Forcefield Projection
Formal name Abigail Grisby
Home London, England
Significant other Lee
Assignment tracker CH06

Abigail is a friend of Claude's.

Character History

For information about Abigail in Heroes, see the mainspace page.

Volume One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Abigail Grisby: Volume One history.

Abigail encases the Cockney Heroes in a force field to stop them getting hurt; they are all then arrested by the police. Abigail is in the police station with the other Cockney Heroes when Irony drains Officer Bonkin's energy.

When the Cockney Heroes are trying to escape from the precinct, Abigail is shot, but she deflects the bullet, causing it to hit her arm. She is then recaptured. Later, however, when Abigail is being kept in a prison, Irony, Derek and Lee break in to rescue her. After being chased by an evolved human, they managed to find Abigail. Abigail encases herself, the rescue team and part of the cell in a force field, and knocks the wall down to escape, landing on the floor safely. They all escape unharmed.

Abigail is later sat around a table with Claude, Irony, Derek, Gabriel, Jenny, Lee, and Officer Bonkin, celebrating Jack the Ripper's demise. She leaves with Lee and Officer Bonkin.


Claude wonders where Abigail is and says to himself that she shouldn't gone off on her own.

Live Together, Die Alone

Abigail, Lee and Claude talk about contacting the team, before they recieve a text from REBEL telling them to help someone called Ed Miller. They reach his apartment and enter to find Ed and his wife having tea. As the pair argue over Ed's job and ability and Laura runs off crying into her bedroom, agents storm the apartment.

Ed manages to freeze them but both he and Abigail are unable to prevent Laura being shot. As Ed craddles her lifeless body and refuses to leave, the agents become unfrozen and a gas pipe is shot. The apartment explodes, seemingly killing all inside with Abigail and Claude only just escaping.

Abigail runs off, as both her and Claude recieve text messages from REBEL telling them to get back to the house. Abigail arrives first, looking for Lee but finds a boy and a girl. Claude then arrives and the four attempt to fight off agents and rescue Lee, however Claude orders Abigail to leave with Sparrow and West before running off to save her fiance. Abigail then returns to America and joins REBEL and the fight against the government.

Evolved Human Abilities

Abigail can create force fields to defend herself. They can encase other people, and not just herself (How to Stop an Exploding Van). She can also encase parts of objects, as shown when she encased part of a cell wall in her force field (Requiem of a Prison Break).

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