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Stuart Harrison
Ch Stuart.jpg
Portrayed by None
First appearance Déjà Vu
In-story stats
Known ability Rock Transmutation
Nickname Stu
Age 21
Date of birth August 14, 1987
Date of death 2007
Home Liverpool, England
Occupation Schoolboy
Assignment tracker CO05


Stuart was born in Liverpool into a family of evolved humans with his parents both having powers. Stuart was a straight-A student at school until his power manifested at age 14 and he ran away from the government. Since then, Stuart has been laying low in London.

Character History

Déjà Vu

Stuart Harrison, one of the nine evolved human prisoners in solitary confinement, is freed by Irony and Karl. They try to escape, but their first attempt is thwarted by Consuela Hammock's glass tubes system. After Karl circumvents the tubes and frees everyone again, Stuart is summoned by Irony to transmute into stone a jet of water that Karl produced. Michael does so, causing the jet of water to solidify into stone and block a doorway in order to stop guards from getting to them. However, a guard bursts in from the opposite doorway and shoots at the group. Irony saves Derek from the bullet, which hits Stuart instead, killing him.

Evolved Human Ability

Stuart has the ability to turn people and objects to stone. His sole demonstration of this ability was in Déjà Vu, when he turned a jet of water that Karl produced into solid stone, which blocked a doorway from which unwanted guards were entering.

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