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Andy Lewis
D C Andy Lewis.jpg
First appearance Requiem of a Prison Break
In-story stats
Known ability Probability Manipulation
Formal name Andy Lewis
Nickname Andy
Assignment tracker CH20

Andy Lewis is an evolved human.

Character History

Requiem of a Prison Break

When Dave, Irony and Derek break into Wormwood Scrubs, Andy follows them and uses his ability of probability manipulation to make them go down the same corridor several times. After Irony weakens him he catches up with them and uses his ability to make Derek hit Irony until Dave paralyse him making him vulnerable to Derek's electricity. As he hit the floor he managed to hit the fire alarm meaning more guards would arrive. Andy dies but is brought back to life by the paramedics, saying the name "Jack the Ripper".

Evolved Human Abilities

Andy has used his ability a few times, he has demonstrated he can manipulate the probability of any situation to go the way he wants. He made Derek hit Irony with his ability, he also made many people who have tried to escape Wormwood Scrubs to go down the same corridor several times to prevent them escaping.

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