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Derek Simmonds, Part 1
The Outcast
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Chapter: Two
Number: 201
Planned by: Gabriel Bishop
Written by: Irony
Airdate: 30th June, 2009
Previous Chapter: Dave Rogers, Part 3
Next Chapter: Derek Simmonds, Part 2

The Story

January 19, 1987 00:00 - This was the day that Derek Simmonds was born, at the stroke of midnight. Yeah that’s him, the nerd of the class –- he is always one step ahead, but he doesn't care, he knows he’ll beat them all in life. But he’s different to most people and he knows it. He’s special, and this is his life, up to now.

January 19, 1987 00:49 - Derek was born to Patrick and Felicity Simmonds, it was the happiest day of their lives, well – one of their lives. Felicity died an hour after giving birth. No one knows why, no one understands why. No one except Derek that is. All throughout her pregnancy the doctors were treating her for higher than normal electricity in her body; the doctors were baffled but Derek wasn't. Many mothers suffer from post-birth hypothermia, but they all have life support machines. All except this one, who, when she held her baby for the first time, died within an hour. The hospital blamed it on faulty machinery; Derek blames it on himself and his ability.

June 1, 1992 09:16 - Today is the day that changed everything, the day that Patrick Simmonds left his son with his aunt, Julie. He told Derek he would be back in an hour, but he wasn't. Derek counted the days until his dad came back; he would be counting a long time, he lost count at 124 but after that, he knew he was gone. He hated his aunt and he hated his father for leaving him with her. Since then, Patrick has been spotted in France, Germany, Egypt, China and most recently, in America.

June 1, 1993 09:16 - Derek had just about come to terms about the fact that his father didn't love him, but he never expected this. His aunt had finally had enough; just a year after her brother dumped Derek on her, she dumped him on social services. He had a happy enough life, well as happy a life you can have in a care home, so really a mediocre life.

January 18, 2001 11:30 - This was the day that Derek's life changed for the better, the day he first discovered his ability. He was in a science lesson, once again he was the only one awake –- science was a drone, everyone knew it, but Derek had a passion, a passion for science. Most people thought he was a freak, but until today he didn't know how true that was.

January 18, 2001 12:55 - The bell rang, the lesson was over. However, outside the classroom stood the local bully, Michael Ashworth, waiting for Derek as usual. He had bullied Derek since 1st Year and Derek never defended himself. Today's beating up was very brutal, Michael humiliated Derek worse than usual. It was enough to tip Derek over the edge, he wanted out, he wanted out of this school, his home and his life. He went into his form-room contemplating suicide. He couldn't find anything to help him, so decided to jab his fingers into the socket, even though he knew nothing would happen as there were safety switches and nothing would happen. He continued to jab his finger in the socket, but suddenly, he was electrocuted and he drew his hand away quickly, thinking he had burned his hand. But he realised something. He realised that he hadn't been burned and his hand didn't hurt. Then he realised that he was producing the electricity, not the socket. He wanted to test his theory so he jabbed the socket again, but he released too much electricity and as he blacked out so did the whole room.

January 18, 2001 13:25 - Derek was supposed to be at form period, but he wasn't there, so he was suspected of bunking. So his teachers went looking and 10 minutes later they found him, unconscious in the form-room with no lights working. He was rushed to hospital, but nothing was wrong, they assumed he was just too hot. At the hospital, only one teacher waited with him. Mr. Clayton, his maths teacher; he always liked Derek, and now Derek confided in him. He told his teacher about his ability, he told him about how he thought that he killed his mother everything. But at that moment his social worker came in, and Mr. Clayton only laughed and walked away.

March 26, 2001 13:25 - It had been a few months since Derek's shocking discovery and he had changed, he had changed from being a nerd and he had become a Goth. He isolated himself further and he used his ability to get revenge on all the bullies. He only had one left, Michael Ashworth, he was the only one he hadn't gotten revenge on. He wanted something special for this one, something painful and today would be the day to rectify this. He knew Michael had a detention at lunchtime, so he went to the science lab where Michael was. “You,” said Michael, but Derek didn't respond. He looked around the room, looking for something to do to him. And then it struck him, he smashed the fire alarm, moved out of the room and struck the room with a cataclysmic blast of electricity.

April 1, 2001 13:25 - Michael had been in hospital for a week, but Derek wasn't content. He had one more score to settle, the one with Mr. Clayton. He approached the school, but this would be one score that wasn't settled; as he came round the last bend, he heard a click, and felt a barrel of a gun pressing to his head, “Boo,” said an agent, laughing lightly.

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