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Shattered Lives
Frozen Reporter.jpg

Volume: Two
Number: 207
Planned by: Laughingdevilboy
Written by: Laughingdevilboy
Edited by: Radicell
Airdate: 25th June, 2009
Previous Episode: Sliding Doors
Next Episode: The Wanderer Returns

The Story

Life is unexpected, are we set down a path set by choices or by destiny? Life can be fun, sad or exciting. But what happens when your life is ripped apart? You have a successful job, a family, a life but someone takes your job, your family, your life what would you do? Fight or survive? How would it affect you? Would you be graceful and learn or bitter and vengeful?

11PM - the warehouse

“Right, I can try and create a passage way to the warehouse, but I rarely use my earth aspect.” Karl said as he appeared, “just follow me”. And with that he waved his hand and the wall in front of them opened up they started walking and as they did the ground moved back to its original place behind them. Karl moved as quickly as he could, making the ground move with him. Then there was light.

They found themselves in a sewer. “Looks like we need to go up,” said Leckie.

“Well, let's hurry up, it stinks down here,” replied Derek.

The five of them went up and found out they were outside the warehouse.

“Well that’s what I call lucky,” laughed Irony as the five of them went into the warehouse.

Earlier that night, 8PM - Just outside the prison

A mysterious woman watches hundreds of prisoners run out of a harsh cruel prison designed to keep them in, because with the death of Obadiah and the late arrival of sedating drugs, some evolved humans escaped and when they did they released the others. She watches as they frantically run and try to go back to the lives they once had.

8:07 pm - John Wright

John worked as a mechanic, he wouldn’t take any abuse of anyone, but was the kindest man you would meet even though he was cautious of anyone he met. But his life was shattered when agents burst in while he was working on a car.

He fought them and was winning until an agent came from behind and hit him with a crowbar on the head, knocking him out. When he awoke he had lost all memory of his life, but some of his traits still remained, he was very cautious of anyone.

He escaped with everyone else but he was at a disadvantage, he had nowhere to go as he couldn’t remember where he lived or even if he had a family. The only thing he knew was his name, when a prison guard shouted at him to get up one day. When all the other escapees had run off, a mysterious woman appeared.

“John, follow me, you’re in danger,” said the mysterious woman, “I need to get you out of here.”

“I don’t know you, keep away from me,” he replied and proceeded to run away.

“I knew he would do that,” the mysterious women said under her breath.

John ran like the wind, he ran faster than a normal human with the help of his mechanical insides. He just kept running, not knowing where to go, but he was followed.

Agents followed him in their van shooting at him as he ran down back alleys. But the wounds where the bullets hit him healed within seconds. As he turned a corner someone grabbed him and held him back until the agents had disappeared.

“I told you, you were in danger,” smiled the mysterious woman climbing onto a motor bike, “stay out of trouble.”

Then she drove off leaving John standing with a blank look on his face. Then his phone buzzed. “Who’s REBEL?” he thought to himself.

8:26pm - Daniel Schneider

Daniel used his ability to help the police; he would disarm criminals by giving them terrible headaches. He couldn’t understand why he was caught. He helped people; he didn’t hurt them. Knowing it didn’t matter what he did, Daniel knew he was going after the people who started this. He wasn’t going to sit back and take it.

When the prisoners were released he didn’t escape with them, he went looking for the top boss. The prison was still heavily guarded but he had learned to make his ability affect everyone around him; so all he had to do was walk and everyone around him would lose consciousness from the terrible headache they received.

As he was walking, Officer Bonkin ran at him with his gun held up, but he soon succumbed to Daniel’s ability. Daniel kept walking knowing he was untouchable. He walked past a passed out guard and into Consuela’s office.

He found he sitting at her desk frantically shouting down the phone. She slammed the phone down and started crying. Daniel walked in and gave her a splitting headache.

“What now?” sobbed Consuela.

“I am one of the people who you locked up for no reason,” replied Daniel, “and now you will pay.” But before he could say anymore, blood came running from his mouth and he collapsed onto the floor.

A mysterious woman ran from the prison with a gun in her hand.

Consuela sat staring at where Daniel lay, as Officer Bonkin and Bobby came in.

“We have been sacked,” she said with a vacant look on her face.

“What happened in here though?” asked Officer Bonkin and Bobby.

“We are a liability, we know too much, we are being locked up,” said Consuela obviously not listening to the others.

“What are we going to do?” asked Bobby.

“We will take revenge,” smiled Consuela putting a hand in her desk.

8:43pm - Frederick Davies

Frederick was a Company agent, a friend to Gabriel Bishop, possessed by a fake Jack the Ripper and now captured. Frederick knew that now he was on his own, the Company gone, he needed to survive he needed to make them pay for what they did to him.

When he was released he didn’t wait around, he knew what these people were like. He was going to fight but only when the fight was brought to him. He headed for the countryside, not realizing he was followed.

He stole a car and drove flat out towards the countryside, but a van hit him and he drove out of control, the car exploded. Agents bounded out of the van.

“Damn, we were supposed to keep him alive,” yelled the one of the agents. Then a ball of fire went flying towards the agent and hit him squarely in the chest.

“I don’t die that easily,” yelled Frederick, who proceeded to sent fireballs at the agents. But they were prepared and sent foam flying at him, stopping him from producing fire. But just as he was about to be captured the van the agents were in blew up.

A mysterious woman ran towards Frederick and pulled out a bottle of water and washed the foam off. She took him to a field nearby where two motorbikes stood and gave him a helmet then drove off.

As she did this, Frederick's phone vibrated. “Who’s REBEL?" he said.

9:01pm - Emmett Marks

Emmett Marks lived a normal life, 9-to-5 job, the odd girlfriend, but his life was shattered when agents found him. He was grabbed and taken to the prison. He dreams of being a superhero and now he realizes he may have the chance to be one now he has escaped.

Emmett arrived home expecting nothing to have changed how wrong he was. He walked through the door and found agents waiting, but this time he decided to fight them, he had duplicated abilities and this meant he was better than the average evolved human. He sent a ball of fire at one of the agents and then teleported around the room, dodging tasers.

“If I teleport away they won’t leave me alone, would a superhero do that?" he said to himself, “no, so I will fight for justice.”

Emmett battled the agents, he sent water flying at them and he made the ground move from under them. He was determined to win, however there seemed to be too many but a woman suddenly appeared and started attacking the agents.

“A friend,” he wondered.

Soon the battle was won and as Emmett went to thank the mysterious woman but she had gone. Suddenly his phone went. “Who’s REBEL?” he said out loud.

9:12pm - Elizabeth Whiteheart

Elizabeth lived most of her life in the Sahara desert, after moving there when she was young. She moved back to London shortly after her ability manifested. She had made friends and was enjoying her university life when she was hunted down and taken.

After she was released, realising she wasn’t safe, she headed for the airport to go back to her family. However, agents were waiting; she knew the only way to get on the plane was using her ability, but the agents were ready. She knew using her ability wouldn’t help so the only thing she could do was run. But the exits were covered. “What now,” she thought as she started panicking.

She headed towards the ladies' bathroom where the only thing she could do was wait or be flushed. As she entered, it was deserted except for a mysterious woman who stood there with a container on the sink. An agent came in, Elizabeth ran to a stall but the agent was too quick, he grabbed her; this was a mistake as she grabbed his hand. He started screaming as his hand started to turn into sand, as did the rest of his body. She looked at the women who was smiling, she pointed at the container and said, “get in, I am here to help.” Elizabeth didn’t have time to decide if she was a friend or foe, she walked up the container and turned into sand filling the container to the brim.

The mysterious women simply walked out of the bathroom and out of the airport. When outside, she tipped Elizabeth onto the curb and ran off.

Elizabeth reformed and noticed she was outside, as she was about to run, her phone buzzed. “Who’s REBEL?” she thought to herself.

9:24pm - Kate Thornton

Kate loved her life, it was dull but she enjoyed it. She loved fashion and her job allowed her to make people look great before they were buried. She dressed the dead. She would make them look beautiful. But one day while working, several agents burst in and blindfolded her.

When she escaped she thought they wouldn’t try again, she went back to her job as if nothing had happened. She told her boss she had been on holiday and started working on a young man.

Agents burst in and tried to capture her again, she realised she needed to fight, she looked at the corpse lying on the table and gave it life.

The man stood up, the agents were shocked but sent bullets and tasers flying at him as he walked over to protect Kate. The bullets bounced off the corpse as did the tasers. The agents ran towards them knowing their weapons weren’t working. But the corpse was too strong and simply knocked them out of the way.

Then a mysterious woman appeared and hit some of the agents over the head with a crowbar. She looked at the frightened Kate and smiled. “Everything will be fine,” she said.

“Thanks, but who are you?” Kate started to say but the woman had disappeared. She looked at the corpse and said, “shame you're only animated, you’re really cute.” Then the man slowly started decomposing into nothing.

Kate’s phone started making noises. “Who’s REBEL?” she wondered.

9:36pm - Eric Cowell

Eric Cowell met Irony and Derek and found he wasn’t alone, after being captured by agents at his work. Eric knew everything had changed, and when he was released he needed to go home and save his family. He ran as fast as he could with only one thing on his mind, his wife and daughter. When he arrived he found a van sitting outside.

He went around the back and peered in through a window and saw agents in his house and his wife and his 16 year old daughter tied up. Seeing this made him mad, he climbed up the tree next to his house and into the window of his daughter’s room.

He heard footsteps outside her room, he looked through the gap in the door and saw one agent standing there, he concentrated and the agent fell asleep. “My ability is developing,” he thought to himself. But he had no time to celebrate.

He crept down the stairs and saw there were about five agents, he concentrated hard and looked at two agents who quickly feel asleep. The other three turned to see him and brought their tasers up but they were too slow, Eric had made them go to sleep. He rushed to his wife and daughter's side and untied them.

“We have to leave Diane, they are after me,” said Eric.

“Where will we go?” asked Sarah.

“Baby I don’t know, but they might come after you too,” replied Eric.

“Eric, when I married you I promised I would stay with you,” said Diane, “so wherever you go I will follow.”

With that they went to the door, but more agents were waiting. As soon as the door opened they shot bullets, Sarah and Diane were hit but the gunfire stopped just as it began.

Eric was on the floor crying over his daughter and wife; he hadn’t noticed the mysterious woman who had shot the agents while they were shooting at Eric and his family. Suddenly, Sarah started coughing and coughed up two bullets.

“What on earth!” shouted Eric, “how did you do that?”

“I don’t know dad, where’s mum?” replied Sarah.

“She’s...” Eric began, but stopped as he started sobbing.

Sarah’s phone vibrated. “Dad, who’s REBEL?” she asked.

10pm - Eddy Thomas

Eddy wasn’t very bright, he lived a mundane life and he worked at McDonald's to pay the rent on his flat. He didn’t have many friends and his family were abroad. He was stuck in a rut, the same old routine. He wished someone would take him away and give him an adventure. His wish was granted, though not in the way he wanted.

The agents came in the middle of the night, giving him no time to react. When he escaped he just went back to his flat and was getting ready for work when the agents came again.

Something inside Eddy changed, he released that for the first time in his life he needed to fight, he needed to survive and make his life better. He wasn’t going to be bullied like he had in the past.

He took charge and held out his hand and made two agents go blind, two went deaf and three lost the movement of their legs. Eddy knew he was in control but also knew he couldn’t use his ability for his own gain. He would only use it if he needed too.

As he was making his way out he was hit from behind with a taser. The mysterious woman crashed through the door and released a tear gas bomb; grabbed Eddy and left. She waited till he woke up and then left.

“What happened?” he said to himself, “where did she go?” then his phone went off. “Who’s REBEL?” he said.

10:30pm - the mysterious woman

A mysterious woman helped the escapees of the prison avoid being captured again. She killed Daniel, but why? Was her path chosen for her or was her path decided by the choices she made? Is her family with her or no longer with her? Does she have a job or is she always on the run? This woman saved many lives, but why? Does she work for REBEL or is she on her own? What will happen to her next?

The mysterious woman’s phone then buzzes, “Who is this REBEL?” she wonders.

11pm - the warehouse

“We were told to come here by REBEL,” explained Elizabeth, “he said you can keep us safe.”

“All we have is a this decrepit old warehouse, we can barely keep safe and warm,” replied Derek.

“Please! We have nowhere left to go we have been chased and are tired” said Emmett.

“Karl, can you do anything to help?” asked Leckie. “You know your earth aspect is powerful if you just learn to control it.”

“I will see what I can do,” and with that the ground swallowed Karl and he disappeared leaving the refugee evolved humans staring at where he once stood.

“How many is there?” asked Irony.

“Eight, at my last count,” replied Derek “and one is an old friend of Gabriel’s.”

“Well if it isn’t Frederick Davies, so Jack let you live, I am surprised,” said Irony, “well as long as you're here, can you start a fire please.”

“Where did Karl go?” asked Tyler.

“I haven’t a clue,” replied Leckie.

Five minutes later, Karl appeared. “Right everyone this way,” he said as he walked through a hole in the wall of the warehouse. Karl made stairs out of the dirt as he walked at the others followed. “I have made an underground bunker, everyone has their own space and I can create more if others follow. There are several exits and there is plenty of air and fresh water.”

“Wow, it only took you two minutes to make,” said Emmett, “I can help with air and water, I have your ability.” The refugees piled into the underground safe house where they would be staying from now on and would more than likely be joined by more who were in the same predicament. Irony, Derek, Karl, Leckie and Tyler all went back to the surface and left the others to settle in.

“So who have we actually got?” asked Tyler.

“Well, there is Emmett Marks with ability duplication, Kate Thornton with animation, Elizabeth Whiteheart with sand mimicry, Eddy Thomas with nervous system manipulation, our friend Frederick,” started Irony, “then there’s Eric, who Derek and I, met who has hypnotism, and his daughter Sarah who has just discovered she can heal rapidly, and there’s a shy guy called John Wright who says he has machine mimicry.”

“Not many then,” laughed Derek.

“There will be more,” said Karl in a serious tone while looking through his journal, “many more, we will be a safe haven, but there is a rival gang who want to control London. Well, it also looks like a fight,” continued Karl under his breath.

“What was that?” asked Leckie.

“Huh, what?” began Karl but then Irony’s phone started buzzing.

“Looks like REBEL wants more from us,” said Irony as he looked at the recently received message, “very interesting.”

As Irony was saying this, five suspicious characters had surrounded the warehouse. Consuela, Bobby and Officer Bonkin, were all carrying guns, while Shark was simply seeing what was going on. The fifth person was the mysterious woman.

Consuela, Officer Bonkin and Bobby had all lost their jobs; they wanted revenge on the evolved humans that caused this to happen.

Shark had been told by his right-hand man something was happening after seeing the refugees in a vision all come together in one place.

The mysterious woman had other motives as she watched the refugees go underground she pulled out her phone and started to text someone.

“It looks like...” began Irony before there was a loud bang and Leckie fell to the floor; with this, Karl made the earth move and created walls around them in case any more shots were fired. “Oh god, Leckie.”

“He’s dead,” said Tyler, after checking his pulse.

“He can’t be dead,” shouted Karl, “someone do something!”


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