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Gael Cruz
Origins Gael Cruz.jpg
First appearance Dave Rogers, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability None
Occupation Second-in-command of the Company

Gael Cruz was the second commanding agent of the Company.

Character History

For Gael Cruz's history in Heroes, see the mainspace page.

Dave Rogers, Part 1

In his office, Gael tells Dave Rogers about the Company's new policy, 'two of us, none of them'. Dave, skeptical at first, is convinced by Gael, who states that the new policy is strictly for experienced agents, and that it is for those targets too dangerous to handle with the normal policy. He states that Dave will meet his new partner next week, and tells him to go home.

A few days later, Dave, Gael, and Dave's new partner, Curtis, meet in Gael's office, where Gael informs them of their first assignment: bag and tag Jack Steelson in Sydney, Australia.

Dave Rogers, Part 3

In Gael's office, Dave Rogers hands in his resignation, and Gael expresses his surprise, and tries to dissuade him from quitting. However, Dave is unmoving, so Gael reminds him to keep the Company a secret, and keep his powers under control. Dave leaves the office without another word.

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