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Hidden in the Darkness

Volume: One
Number: 101
Planned by: Gabriel Bishop
Written by: Irony
Airdate: April 6, 2009
Next Episode: Nemesis

The Story

"Where's Derek Simmonds? He was supposed to meet us here half an hour ago," whispered Gabriel Bishop.

"I was just wondering that, I'm starting to get nervous. It could be a Company trap," replied Irony.

"Don't worry about it," said Claude, "the Company doesn't operate in this way; if they wanted to trap us they'd burst in all guns blazing. Not in public, it's never in public and you can't get more public than the tower of London."

A few minutes passed, but nobody came. "It's four o'clock, I think he has arrived," said Claude, being sure not to directly look in the direction of the man who just walked in.

"It could be him," said Gabriel.

"Um, excuse me, are you Claude?" asked a nervous Derek Simmonds.

"Depends whose asking."

"I phoned you yesterday, you said you know people with abilities too," Derek responded.

"Yes, yes I do," said Claude, holding his hand up and making it go invisible, while Gabriel Bishop made the pencil in his hand turn to gold. "What's your power?" asked Claude.

"I can make electricity, just by clicking my fingers and it flies out."

"Why did you phone us? Have you got a problem with your power?" asked Irony.

"Yes, can we go somewhere else? I really need to show you. It's hard to explain," replied Derek.

Half an hour later, Claude, Gabriel Bishop, Irony and Derek arrived at an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of London. "So what's the problem with your power then?" Gabriel Bishop asked.

"Whenever I use it, I discharge. I release so much it is hard for me to stop," replied Derek.

"Maybe I can help," said Irony. "My power is to reduce the powers of others, if you learn to use it while it is weakened you should be able to use it when it is at the usual strength."

Claude and Irony were showing Derek Simmonds how to use his power when Gabriel Bishop saw something out of the corner of his eye. A moment later, he caught sight of something in the shadows. Suddenly, a Company agent burst into the warehouse. Gabriel Bishop stopped time and saw the Company agent, who was just starting to release fire from his hands. Gabriel Bishop, seeing the agent go for Derek, used telekinesis to make a door crash into the agent. The fight raged on with Gabriel Bishop always staying a step up from the agent. But Gabriel Bishop slipped up, he let the agent hit him with a burst of fire. The agent, who was just about to scorch Gabriel Bishop, released a cataclysmic burst of fire; however, just as it was about to hit Gabriel Bishop it trickled away into a tiny flame. The agent looked round, he saw that Irony had grasped his arm and was draining his power. Gabriel Bishop and Claude proceeded to tie up the agent, and Irony, Derek, Gabriel Bishop and Claude left, with the agent bound up inside their van.

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