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First appearance Shark of the Streets
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death 2007
Residence London, England
Occupation Prison guard

Bobby was a guard in the prison that holds evolved humans.

Character History

Shark of the Streets

Bobby and his partner are returning to cell block B when they are subdued by Tara Hoffmann using her ability. As he vomits all over the skywalk, Mike Douglas walks up to him and takes his walkie-talkie and his gun.

Later, Bobby and his partner pull their guns upon the escaping inmates, and tell them to surrender. However, one of the inmates creates a portal which transports the inmates elsewhere. Bobby and his partner fire their guns, but the inmates have already escaped.

Déjà Vu

Bobby radios Officer Bonkin to inform him that Obadiah has died of his injuries. Later, Bobby storms in on the group of evolved humans that are trying to escape from the prison. However, Irony subdues Bobby by draining his life force until he falls unconscious.

Shattered Lives

Consuela tells Bobby and Officer Bonkin that they have lost their jobs as prison warden and guards, due to the recent escapes by the prisoners. Bobby asks what to do, and Consuela replies that they will have revenge on the prisoners who cost them their jobs.

That night, as Irony and Karl create an underground bunker for all the escapees, Bobby, Consuela, and Officer Bonkin watch from a distance.

The Wanderer Returns

Bobby is revealed to be the one who had shot Leckie. Bobby then grins and tells Irony that he's going to kill all of the escaped prisoners, and pulls out his gun, intending to start by killing Irony. However, suddenly, he is electrocuted from behind by Gabriel Bishop.

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