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Moab Federal Prison yard.jpg

Volume: Two
Number: 203
Planned by: Irony
Written by: Irony
Edited by: Laughingdevilboy
Airdate: 9th June, 2009
Previous Episode: Shark of the Streets
Next Episode: Live Together, Die Alone

The Story

Derek awoke and opened his droopy eyelids. “Urgh, where am I?” he said.

A mysterious man stared at him. “I'm Karl,” he said, and then motioned to another man next to him, who was squatting against the wall. “His name is Leckie. And uh, we're in solitary confinement.”

“Erm... OK, why am I here?” asked Derek.

“Because we tried to escape,” replied Irony, “and then we were captured.”

“We escaped?” questioned Derek “The last thing I remember was being in our cell and being told to go to a cafeteria.”

“Looks like you got hit pretty hard,” laughed Irony.

“You two have been out for three days, there was bound to be something wrong, but you’ll live” said Karl “So... how did you try and escape?” After he said this, Irony told Karl and Leckie about what had happened and as he did, Derek’s memory began to return, ever so slightly.

“And then there was an explosion and the floor under us fell through... and the next thing I remember is waking up here a few hours ago,” Irony finished.

“I wonder what caused that explosion?” wondered Karl.

“Why are you here?” asked Irony. “Did you try and escape?”

“It’s a long story,” said Leckie, “but we are going to be in here for a long time so...”

“Me and my friend, Stan Marsh,” started Karl, “were involved in a circus act kind of thing; we would throw parties so Stan and I could show our act. Leckie is normally invited and helps to add mystique to the proceedings. Stan and I had made a mint from our abilities so we bought a penthouse which would make us seem more professional. Anyway, our act involved me saying I could enter people’s bodies and control them. Leckie would be there to help sway people to believe I was actually in the person’s body and Stan would be behind the scenes.”

“Oh, so you have etheric projection?” asked Irony.

“Come again?” said Karl.

“It is the ability to leave your body and enter someone else’s, and you can take their abilities, we met someone with it, he tried to kill us,” replied Derek.

“Oh, I don’t have that, what would happen was Stan would take control of people’s bodies, make them move and do whatever he wanted, I was only the “face” of the act - but really he was controlling people from behind the scenes and sometimes, I would use my ability for a bit of wow factor.”

“What’s your ability?” asked Derek.

“I can manipulate the four Greek elements, fire, air, water and earth,” Karl replied.

“So what happened next?” Irony asked.

“Well, one night we were doing a party for about 100 people, they were business tycoons. We invited Leckie as usual and as this was quite a big one, we told him to come and convince some of them how mystical we were. The show was a success, we freaked out this guy and he spilled a drink all over his boss and then had to pay for his $4000 suit. So we were having a great night, getting paid quite a bit, I even added some wow factor by making some wind blow through the penthouse scaring most of the tycoons. Anyways after the show, we had a few drinks and were tiding up as we had another show in a few hours. But then Leckie went into the bathroom and as he did, seven SWAT agents burst out of nowhere and tasered us and we were knocked out. We arrived here nearly two weeks ago, before most of the prison was even being used, we were the first prisoners.”

“That happened to us, there was a group of us and they broke in and got us. We don’t know where our friends Jenny and Gabriel are and a few others left before, so they could be anywhere,” said Irony. “What about the other guy, Stan Marsh?”

“Ah,” replied Karl, “that is what landed us in solitary confinement. Like I said, we were the first prisoners and most of the prison wasn’t open and they needed a way to restrain us as Project DIBOAHA hadn’t been researched yet so we could still use our abilities. They put us in Cell Block C and in individual cells. Leckie was given a padded cell and put in a straitjacket while Stan’s hands were tied behind his back and each finger was pulled as far as was physically possible. However, they thought all I could do was create and manipulate fire so they put me in a tank of water with sprinklers in the room. They made it impossible for us to escape, or so they thought. I turned into air and moved through the block unnoticed I entered Leckie’s cell and released him and then Stan. I turned us all into air and went to escape.”

“I hate being air, it makes me feel sick,” said Leckie out of nowhere.

“Anyway, as we were trying to escape I hit a snag, a vacuum compressed lock. You needed to click a button to release it so I turned us back into us but when we clicked the button about ten guards came rushing at us. I think that woman in charge must have known what my ability was all along as it seems a bit suspect that all the windows in this place are not bars but vacuum compressed with bullet proof glass. So we fought; Leckie stopped the bullets hitting us as I made a few of them disappear and burned a few others while Stan had a few of them attacking each other but there were too many of them. A bullet hit Stan in the heart and he died instantly, me and Leckie were shocked and turned to see what had happened and ended up being shot ourselves and waking up here."

“I miss Stan,” said Leckie.

“So, what are we going to do?” asked Derek.

“Now,” replied Karl and Irony simultaneously, “we escape.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere in London

“Where is Abigail, she shouldn’t have gone off on her own,” mumbled Claude to himself, “if anything happens to her...”

Claude walked along the street, taking the odd purse, thinking to himself when a mobile phone that he had "borrowed" received a text from someone called REBEL.

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