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Jane Green
Mysterious woman.jpg
First appearance Shattered Lives
In-story stats
Known ability Precognitive Visions
Parent Becky Green (deceased)
Grandparents Charlie Hall,
Margaret Hall
Other relatives Uncle:
Stuart Hall (deceased)
Karl Hall

Jane Green is an ally of REBEL who helps evolved humans.

Character History

Shattered Lives

In the night that all the prisoners in the prison for evolved humans escaped, the mysterious woman, using her ability, helps them avoid being recaptured. She is also forced to kill Daniel Schneider, as he was about to kill Consuela. After helping the evolved humans avoid being recaptured, they all receive tips from REBEL, and they all head to a warehouse in Islington. As they convene and are helped out by the Cockney Heroes team, the mysterious woman watches from the shadows.

Room 410

Irony, Elizabeth, Kate, Tyler and Derek are confronted by the mysterious woman who tells that she is an evolved human, using her ability to help others, but also that if they are to succeed they need to stop an incoming batch of drugs, and to do that they must have Frederick and Leckie. She leaves as the gang find that Gabriel's body is missing.

Kill or Be Killed

The mysterious woman reveals her name, Jane. She approaches Irony, telling him that he is a good leader but he will know what to do when the time comes. As Leckie is baffled by her appearance, she explains that she can see the future and has been helping those who keep secret their abilities and disposing of those who mistreat them. She is surprised that Leckie does not know more but tells him that she works for REBEL along with Abigail.

As Irony, Elizabeth and Leckie become anxious over when their associates will return, she reassures them that they will arrive, which they soon do, apologizing about a hiccup. The mysterious woman then comments that "it is time" before leaving.

Karl Hall, Part 2

When playing at the park with her family, Jane correctly predicts that Karl will fall of the monkey bars, to her family's amazement. She explains her ability. Jane alerts them to the danger of the attacking agents, and as many of her family are shot, she, Margaret, and Karl are teleported away by Charlie. No sooner do the arrive when Charlie is tasered; a worried Margaret takes the children to the safety of the countryside.

Evolved Human Abilities

Jane has the ability to see the future at will. When she uses her ability, her eyes turn purple, indicating her power is the same as that of Mike Douglas.


  • Jane's last name, Green, isn't mentioned in the episodes. It was given by the Cockney Heroes team members.

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