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Lee Radcliffe
Ch Lee.jpg
First appearance Ambush from an Outside Source
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home London, England
Significant other Abigail Grisby

Lee Radcliffe is a friend of Claude's.

Character History

For information about Lee in Heroes, see the mainspace page.

Ambush from an Outside Source

Lee is sat around a table with Claude, Irony, Derek, Gabriel, Jenny, Abigail and Officer Bonkin celebrating Jack's demise. He leaves with Abigail and Officer Bonkin.

Live Together, Die Alone

Abigail, Lee and Claude recieve a text from REBEL telling them to help someone called Ed Miller. Abigail and Claude leave to help him as Lee remains in the house, but five hours later agents arrive and capture him.

Abigail and Claude recieve text messages from REBEL telling them to get back to the house. Abigail arrives first, looking for Lee but finds a boy and a girl. Claude then arrives and the four attempt to fight off agents and rescue Lee, however Claude orders Abigail to leave with Sparrow and West before running off to save Lee.

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