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Room 410
Gordon's ability-2.jpg

Volume: Two
Number: 210
Planned by: Gabriel Bishop
Written by: Laughingdevilboy
Airdate: July 13, 2009
Previous Episode: Midas Touch
Next Episode: Kill or Be Killed

The Story

2 days later, 3pm

"We couldn't even bury him!" shouted Derek.

"I know, but it would raise to many questions this way no one will even know he is dead," Irony tried to reassure him.

"If we leave his body there no one will find it," continued Tyler.

Derek was not convinced about leaving Gabriel's body in a dumpster it just didn't seem right, but he knew deep down this was the safest option.

A lot had happened in the two days since the death of Gabriel, Irony seemed to take the lead with Derek being second in command. Karl was extremely effected by Leckie's shooting and his ability wasn't working as well as it should, so he decided to take a break and disappeared. Leckie was still in hospital, his wound was infected and the doctors wanted to keep him under observation. Officer Bonkin was in a worse condition, after being shot he lost so much blood he went into a coma.

"Who is this REBEL?" questioned Derek, after the recent text they had received, "why is he helping us?"

"Well he did tell us about Abigail, at least we know she is safe," explained Irony, "and he did tell us where the shipment of drugs was being brought in."

"I say we trust him," said a voice from the shadows. Everyone turned to see Kate Thornton. "He told all of us to come here, if he hadn't we would all be dead."

"But I thought you all said a woman had helped you," asked Tyler.

"She did, but I think she is working with REBEL," replied Kate.

"Well, it doesn't matter at this moment in time because we need to find these drugs and destroy them," interrupted Derek, "then we need to find Consuela."

"We are not taking revenge," reminded Irony, "we are not going to become killers."

"I am glad you said that," smiled the mysterious woman who walked out of the bushes.

"Who are you?" asked Kate.

"I am a friend, I work for REBEL," she replied, "I help people like us escape the government."

"People like us? So you have an ability too?" questioned Elizabeth who had come to see where Kate had gone.

"Yes, I see the future," she said, "that is how I could help you all in one night." She then looked at Irony and said, "You need to find these drugs and destroy them, you will need some help. Luckily for you, you have several people underneath you that are willing to help." She then walked away leaving them deep in thought.

"Kate, Elizabeth will you help us?" asked Tyler.

"I will," said Elizabeth, "just tell me what to do."

"I would but how can I help? My ability only works on the dead," replied Kate.

"We have a dead body you can use," said Irony.

"NO," Derek shouted "not Gabriel."

"It is the only way," replied Irony. They then all walked up to the dumpster where they had left Gabriel.

"How long will he be alive again?" asked Tyler.

"As long as I want," replied Kate and with that they opened the lid to find the body missing.

"Where is his body?" asked Kate.

"I.... I don't know," replied a confused Irony.

"We don't have time for this, you need to stop the drugs," the mysterious woman had returned with guns, "here take this, this is how you can help." she said to Kate. "You need the fire starter," she continued.

"Frederick? Why?" asked Derek still confused about Gabriel's body.

"He has a purpose in this mission," replied the woman, "you also need the guy in hospital, Leckie I believe is his name, you need his ability," she then received a text which she read and replied too. "The shipment will arrive at the dock at 6:30, make sure you are ready, if these drugs get through it will be the beginning of the end for us," she said as she again walked away.

Irony was deep in thought as Tyler went and fetched Frederick. "We need to get Leckie out of hospital, but he can't just walk out as the police are already asking questions."

"Maybe I can help," said Elizabeth, "I can turn things into sand, but I can also make things turn back from sand."

"Well, that would be useful," said Derek, "do you need to touch the thing you turn into sand?"

"Yes, so if I go visit him I can turn him into sand and put him in a container and bring him back where it is safe."

"Perfect," beamed Irony, "Me and you will go in, we can say we are family, then take him out."

"What do you need me for?" asked Frederick who had just arrived.

"We don't know yet, but I have a feeling it will be to destroy those drugs," replied Tyler.

"Right, you 4 meet us at the dock at 5:30, while me and Elizabeth go get Leckie," said Irony.


"I hate this hospital, it brings back some bad memories," said Irony.

"Why?" asked Elizabeth.

"The fake Jack the Ripper attacked us here, using Frederick as a weapon," replied Irony.

"Oh, but you got rid of him didn't you?" asked Elizabeth.

"Yeah, we think we did," replied Irony, as they walked along the corridors of the hospital.

"Excuse me," Elizabeth asked a nurse, "do you know where Jake Leckie is?"

"Yes, he is in room 410 in the green wing," replied the nurse as she walked off in the opposite direction. Irony and Elizabeth walked through the hospital looking at the signs trying to find the green wing.


"Finally," sighed Irony, "oh, no, there are guards outside the room."

"You take one and I will take one," said Elizabeth.

"Hi, we are here to see our brother Jake," smiled Elizabeth to the guards, "are you doctors?"

"No, we are policemen, we were told no one can see Jake," replied one of the guards.

"Oh well, we will wait, thank you anyways," Irony replied while sticking out a hand for the guard to shake, at the same time Elizabeth also held out her hand. The guards both took this as a polite gesture and shook the persons hand who was in front of them.

The male guard who had shook Elizabeth's hand screamed in pain and started turning into sand, while the female guard who had shook Irony's hand also screamed but fell to the floor in a heap.

"That was easy," said Irony as he opened door 410 and they both entered.

Leckie lay unconscious on the bed with many tubes coming out of him.

"You do your thing," said Irony as he held the container in front of Leckie, "how will you get him in the container?"

"I have some control over the things I turn into sand, its just enough to make it fall into the container," she replied as she touched Leckie and he started turning into sand. Elizabeth concentrated and sure enough all of Leckie went into the container.

"Good, now we need to get out of here," said Irony as he made his way to the door, he peered out and shouted "the coast is clear, lets go." he started to leave the room and walk out the door.

"Wait I need to do something," said Elizabeth as she walked up to the pile of sand just out side the door. She touched it and the man reformed unconscious. "Right lets go."

They ran through the hospital but luckily it was easier to find their way out.


"Now we wait for the others," said Irony as they arrived at the dock, "you better reform Leckie now.

"OK, it may take him a few minutes to gain consciousness," replied Elizabeth as she tipped Leckie onto the ground and touched the pile of sand in front of her. Leckie appeared and as Elizabeth had said he was unconscious.

"What will we do when the others arrive? The shipment isn't due for over an hour," asked Elizabeth.

"I don't know, if we are here early we can stake this place out and make a move just before the ship comes in. Then we can destroy the drugs, or we need to wait till they have unloaded them," replied Irony.

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