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First appearance Déjà Vu
In-story stats
Known ability Energy Conversion
Age 20
Date of birth February 4, 1989
Place of birth Seattle, Washington
Home Seattle, Washington
Occupation Student
Assignment tracker CO16

KC is an enigmatic loner hailing from Seattle, Washington. She is an Evolved Human who can convert forms of energy into different forms.


Having always rejected herself for being 'different', KC stays hidden in the shadows of unpopularity and self-hatred. Her ability has always been a hindrance to her and her everyday life, and she tries as hard as is humanly possible for her to eclipse it, however unsuccessful she may be. After discovering another person like her, a mysterious individual who is immune to death, KC has centered her life around finding him, and being able to better accept herself for what she is, despite her deep self loathing.

Character History

Déjà Vu

KC, one of the nine evolved human prisoners in solitary confinement, is freed by Irony and Karl. They try to escape, but their first attempt is thwarted by Consuela Hammock's glass tubes system. After Karl circumvents the tubes and frees everyone again, KC is summoned by Irony to convert the heat energy that Chris Rowland emits into radioactive energy. KC does so, and the resulting radioactivity successfully blows off their cell door. After subduing the guards that come their way, as well as Consuela herself, the nine evolved humans escape safely.

Evolved Human Abilities

KC has the ability to convert different forms of energy that are presented in everyday life to other forms of energy; however, with minimal control over her power, she cannot control when to use it or which specific type of energy to convert it into, often harming others around her. So far, KC has exhibited changing heat energy to radioactive energy. (Déjà Vu)

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