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This article archives the history of Karl Hall during Volume Two. For more about Karl, see the main article.

Character History

Veni Vidi Expugnavi

Karl welcomes Irony and Derek to solitary confinement, in which he stays with Leckie.

Shark of the Streets

Before a flashback, Karl welcomes Irony and Derek to solitary confinement, in which he stays with Leckie.


Karl explains to Irony and Derek why he and Leckie are in solitary confinement. He explains that he used to run a circus show with Stan Marsh, who would use his ability to control people as the centrepiece of the show. However, one night, government agents arrived and captured Karl and Stan, as well as Leckie, who was attending the circus show. When Karl tried to use his ability to escape, the agents saw them and shot at them, killing Stan, and putting Karl and Leckie in solitary confinement. Then, Irony asks what to do next, to which Karl replies that it's time to escape.

Déjà Vu

Karl and Irony discuss the other five prisoners inside solitary confinement and how they'll affect their escape plans. After a few days, when the guards' stockpile of ability-negating drugs have run out, the prisoners' abilities return. Karl and Irony free the other five prisoners and begin their escape attempt; however, Consuela quickly thwarts their attempt by trapping everyone in glass tubes specially designed to counter each of their abilities. Karl uses the earth aspect of his elemental manipulation ability to escape the tube and reappear outside of it. He then frees everyone, and they manage to escape solitary confinement by combining their powers. Then, Irony knocks out a guard, as well as Consuela herself, and the prisoners escape safely.

Sliding Doors

After the Karl leaves Irony, Derek, and Leckie to return to his own apartment to collect his stuff. When they run into trouble, Irony tells Leckie to call Karl for help. Karl then finds them in a train tunnel with Tyler Venson, and he uses his ability to "dig" a tunnel leading to Irony and Derek's old warehouse.

Shattered Lives

Karl and the others arrive at the warehouse after Karl had created a tunnel to escape the train tunnel.

Later on that night, some escapees from the prison arrive at the warehouse and Karl buries underground and creates a bunker for all the escapees. When he has shown them around he makes his way to the surface with Irony, Leckie, Tyler and Derek when they reach the top Leckie is shot by an unknown assailant and Karl makes the ground move to make a wall keeping them safe.

The Wanderer Returns

Panicked after Leckie is shot, Karl is hysterical as the team tries to save Leckie. It is decided upon that Derek should fire electricity into Leckie's body, to act as a defibrillator. After several tries, this proves successful, and Karl takes Leckie to a hospital, while the rest of the team confront Leckie's assailants.

Karl Hall, Part 1

As Karl helps Irony, Derek and Leckie return to the warehouse; he visits Charlie and Margaret, and asks for Charlie to write in his journal. They spend a bit of time talking, but when Karl is about to leave for his friends, Charlie tells him that he will find Jane again.

Karl Hall, Part 2

Celebrating his birthday, Karl and his family come under attack from agents, an illusion is cast by his aunt so Karl's cousins do not witness the incident. Karl is not affected but goes with his family to the park.

When playing at the park with her family, Jane correctly predicts that Karl will fall of the monkey bars, and she alerts them to the danger of the attacking agents. As many of his family are shot Karl, Maragret, Charlie and Jane are teleported away. No sooner do the arrive when Charlie is tasered, a worried Margaret takes the children to the countryside and saftey.

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