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Competition Entry: Aura Manipulation was orginally created by JHero. To see the original, see here.

This page is a spoiler.
Aura Manipulation has yet to appear in Cockney Heroes, please proceed with caution.

Aura Manipulation
Aura Manipulation.jpg
Held by: Devin Campbell
Ability to: manipulate other peoples auras

Aura manipulation is the ability to effectively change a person's persona and personality. Devin Campbell is the only known evolved human to possess this ability.



Devin Campbell first discovered this ability when he spontaneously made all of his friends and family think that they were different people. So far, Devin has refined it to the point that he only needs the contact of brushing someone accidentally or tapping them on the shoulder. However, physical contact is necessary to use the ability properly. Lately, Devin has been working on switching aura's from one person to another, but so far he has only been able


  • This ability is not telepathy or aura absorption. Physical contact is not necessary for telepathy, and it cannot manipulate the mind to the extent that Devin can. Also, Devin cannot absorb someone's aura, rendering them dead.
  • This ability can also be used to change what age a person thinks they are.

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