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Competition Entry: Emotive Ability Manipulation was originally created by Tristan0709. To see the original, see here.

This page is a spoiler.
Emotive Ability Manipulation has yet to appear in Cockney Heroes, please proceed with caution.

Emotive Ability Manipulation
Emotive Ability Manipulation.jpg
Held by: Libby Chang
Ability to: Change ability at will

Emotive ability manipulation is the ability to mentally change one's own ability, either accidentally or deliberately.


  • Libby Chang is so far the only character to demonstrate this ability.


Libby Chang

Libby first demonstrated this ability when Noah Bennet told her that she had abilities and that The Company was after her. She has demonstrated over ten different abilities so far. Originally, her ability only changed based on her emotions, but she eventually evolved it and she can now exact control over what abilities she manifests.

She can only hold one ability at a time, and cannot use empathic mimicry, or any ability that allows her to use an additional one.

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